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Join in with #TheAviators on Twitter

Join in with #TheAviators on Twitter

To those of you who have experienced the death of a pet or animal during any time period that was special and beloved to you:

#TheAviators  –   @theaviatorsclub  is a Twitter club (organization) of goggled anipals that Twitter fly Quarterly Tribute Missions.

The Quarterly Tribute Mission – OTRB Remembrance Day – is for honoring and remembering pets and animals that have passed away.  OTRB means “Over The Rainbow Bridge”.

Please see the Time Zones and Cities Chart further below in this post for the scheduled time in your part of the world.  Each flight is a one hour program. 


Club members (Twitter flyers) prepare their own tribute lists and bring them to their flights.  We invite YOU,  both humans and anipal Twitter accounts to remember (tweet your OTRB pictures and/or memories) during these #TheAviators Quarterly Flights.


YOU CAN REMEMBER a pet or number of pets that have gone OTRB at anytime in your lives and YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO SO.  Simply tweet in remembrances of your departed pet (pets) with a picture or a few tweets of  your great memories, using the hash tag #TheAviators in each of your tweets. (No need to put in a twitter address,  just the hash tag #TheAviators works well.)

#TheAviators Hash Tag Tweet Page ( ALL TWEETS as shown on direct Twitter) to be able to follow the flight program 

Special note to the anipal hash tag groups we send this invitation to – if you need to include your hash tag with ours to tweet-in, we are ok with that.   An example would be like a pet gone OTRB that is a #wlf member  (#wlf means Whiskers Liberation Front). 

Guests with  protected tweets locked account that want to be seen in the hash tag stream during the mission will need to unlock your account to be seen in the #TheAviators hash tag stream.

#TheAviators fly twice on October 17, 2015 – so that pets world-wide may be remembered at the time most convenient to those who would like to  honor them with tweets.    Each Flight is a one hour program. 

October 17, 2015   –  Time Zones and Cities Chart – Select the city closest to where you live for both sessions, check the time.  Then choose the session and time that is most convenient for you.  Clicking on the chart will enlarge for better reading/viewing.   Mission Leaders will be announced once they have volunteered and comfirmed. 

Flyer First Workshop "How to become an Aviator". @TheAviatorsClub #TheAviators

Other resources for you: 

TRIBUTE TAB #TheAviators Website gives you the mission timing from mission start through end of program.

Flyers Training for #TheAviators  flyers (Twitter pilots)  17 OCTOBER 

Tribute Mission Twitter Flight Tips #TheAviators  17 OCTOBER 

We send sincere condolences for the loss of your own beloved pet and the pets of your close friends and pals.    We also sincerely welcome you to remember your departed OTRB pets during #TheAviators  Quarterly Tribute flights  October 17,   2015.  

New Tribute Logo

Tribute Mission patch done by @fraggleart Dawn Thomas on Twitter especially for #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub .

– #TheAviators HQ staff  and  Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite.

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