2012 June Originators of #The Aviators Basic Flight Schools

Yoko, Irie and Lucky (Schnauzer girls) along with their typist Twitty @Twitelien put in hundreds of hours of daily volunteer services to #TheAviators from the May 2012 beginning through Summer 2013.  Their most well known and long-standing origination is designing and creating #TheAviators first Basic Flight School.

May 2012 @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky Two

2012 @theaviatorsclub 1st Flight School June 23 24

2012 July Flight School

 You know our “Lady-bug” backpacks we all fill to the brim with food and treats and beverages  and use each of our flights?  That would be from them.   Basic Flight School just went into it’s first updated edition via @ToddyFur in Spring of 2014.  The origin and foundation format all began with the Schnauzer girls and their typist @Twitelien.  @Pillstercat found us the original Lady Bug slide and we show you the most 2014 edition. 


Original LadyBug Slide



2012 May @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky

 @DearClyde the original of the club three co-founders sent this picture through to @Twitelien and the Schnauzer girls in July 2013.  It is still as heartfelt and ringing so true right now for so many of we  #TheAviators

Thank you Twitty








THANK YOU – Here is to beloved Twitty and the Schnauzer girls Yoko, Irie and Lucky @Twitelien – May you always have the best skies to fly in!  #TheAviators 

May 2012 @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky 4


Twitty upside down

Keep watching and keep reading!  We plan to be able to bring you more of #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub on Twitter history.

Daisy and Taz –  @3DogsWhite 

3 thoughts on “2012 June Originators of #The Aviators Basic Flight Schools”

  1. Fank you, dear pups for wriiting bout da many contribushuns of our beluffed Twitty!
    Yup! Dat whole school was her wunnerful idea, and a fine fawt it wuz. Twitty designed it all, taught many sessions and produced our bery first licenses. Her tireless work duz be a huge part of #TheAviators foundation.

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