2014 #TheAviators Group Pictures


#TheAviators co-founder @DearClyde began to make new member(s) “newbies” group pictures during the summer of 2013.

All the group pics have now been gathered up.  We are placing all the 2014 pictures in this post.  2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures are here. (Click on the link and it will open in a new window or tab for you.)

  The latest 2014 group pictures that come in will be added to the top of this post.  Every eight new members get a group picture.   After the pic of  August 6,  2014  leadership team’s @ToddyFur will now begin to keep the new member group picture project continuing.  

#TheAviators send sincere and loving gratitude to @DearClyde for having begun the new member group pictures and having kept them going for so long. 

(Special Note:  ANY of #TheAviators that have computer technology and application skills (like graphics or other skills)  that would be interested in using them for any #TheAviators projects,  please be sure to let @ToddyFur know what your skills are.)

2014 Aug 31 New Member group

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Harvey  @Cooper68Cooper 
Pepper @PepperLilScout 

Row 2
Maisie @moosiegermandog 
Lois  @FunFlightsSD  

Row 3
Mr Coco @jutucker

2014 New Members Aug 17

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Koji  @MurphyBeagle 
Frankie @frankieVtweets 

Row 2
Rowland and Macavity @RMacavity 
Duchess  @HRHDuchessII  

Row 3
Harry Dinker 

Benji  @BenjiCoolCat
Dina @kerDunkeDina

2014 New Members Aug 5

August 6, 2014

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Ameowlia Furrhart  @AmeowliaFurrhart 
Bertie @MrBertie 

Row 2
Ramsay and Oliver @ram_olly 
Rosie  @RPeanuthead  

Row 3
Brodie @BrodieWeedug
Moby @TheMobyKeech

2014 New Members pic two Aug 3

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Sasha @clutterbeauty   – Cooper and Willow @MariaPulk  –   Benedict @BenedictRabbit  

 Row 2:  Hendrix @HendrixBT  –  Misha  @MischaMischief  

 Row 3:  Jude @JudeTheBeagle – Smooch @bravecubby21  –  TJ (left) MiaMischief (middle) and Mr. Bully (right) @BullyMiaTJ  

2014 New Members Aug 3

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Bunny @Bunny_daPug  – Beamer @ldolfie  –   Bruce @bruceisgroovy  

 Row 2:  Freddie and Charlie @donnagocat  – Claudie (Claudia), Freddie and Monty  @debsspencer1 

 Row 3:  Molly @MollyCat7 – Otto @Ottogingerboy  – Bonzo @BonzoBaggins 


2014 New Members July 7

  (Picture Above) Row 1:   Ham @HamBulldog  – Nami @4paws2paws  –  Miss Puka @pukarocks 

 Row 2:  Gresley @GresleyDragon  – Murph  @murphthedog1

 Row 3:  Sandi and Shakespeare @AnneCarriere66 – Tuxie @mk_inwa  – Layla @KlutzycatLayla


2014 24 June

  (Picture Above) Row 1:   Charlie and Angus @westiesdorset  – Moose @MooseTheSvcPit  –     Rufus @hu_jj 

 Row 2:  George @GeorgeTheTed  – Crystal  @7trekky  ( HQ apologies to Captain Crystal – she was accidentally skipped before today!)

 Row 3:  Skip and Pepper @caninesafari – Murphy @MurphyJr_00  – Snowy, Freddie and Louis  @snowycxx


2014 10 June

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Wanja @citybecamesound (went OTRB August 21, 2014 remains active status flying #TheAviators)  – Tedmund @TedmundCurtis –     Nala @DoggieCone 

 Row 2:  Timmy @timmyturtle14  – Hank  @HankInTheTank

Row 3:  Maggie and Lulu @magsandmenfol – Brownie @BrownieBunnie_xo  – Isabella @BellBells789


May 31

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Shya (sisfur) @SantinaKitteh  –                     Lady Brandon @RosamundBrandon – Finn @FinnDogsSays 

 Row 2:  Basil @BasildBee  – Henry  @henrybear2012

Row 3:  Indie @IndieBabyPup – Ninja @ninja_dogg –                                 Sam (Samantha) @Bully_Brisket

2014 Group pic Apr 27

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Wabbit  @Burrow43  – Alfred The Great @ATG Bear – Sunny @cagans76

Row 2:  Sasha  @No_Sasha_No – Bertie @TheBertieBear

Row 3:  Bo @BoTheBear –   JellyB @MyOwnShadow100
Finn and PoeBeardie @dgbu


2014 Newbies April 25

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Sean  @SeanDaSheepdog                                 Goldie @GoldieBruin  – Phoebe @dog_phoebe

Row 2:  Honey joined flying brofurs Lucky and Bluey – now @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY   and Wynters @WOtterface

Row 3: Chazz @ ChazzTheDog1  – Henry @SadieMae_and_Co –      Blue @BluetheGSD


2014 Group Pic Mar 30

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Lexi @ChowLexi                                                  Darko @DarkoCanaanMutt  – Mabel @AbleMabelthedog

Row 2:  Barney and Cooper @barney_cooper –                                     Santina @SantinaKitteh

Row 3:  Gabby @The_Gabby_Dog – Chula @GutierrezJul (went inactive status)   Billy @mollybear68 (Billy now has own acct  @billycatbrown,) 2015 edit.

2014 Mar 21 Group Pics

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Milez @Beach_luvr  – Lizzie @LizzieButtrose Olivia @oliviackcs

Row 2:  Loki @LokiDoberdog –  Stanley @StanleyForeman1

Row 3:  Bailey @DailyBailey_Dog  – Leo @CherylGigolo14 (went inactive status)   Gremlin @GremlinthePuggl 


 Group pics 8 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Livvie @gigglingr –  Spike @AngelSpike_ Dottie @DottieDalmation

Row 2: Barnie  @PwinceBarnie  – Woodford @Woodford2013

Row 3:  Zero @ZeroRice1012 – Mrs Puggelina @tina_goes_boo –
Kenzie & Troy @Kenzie_and_Troy


Group pics 7 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Frankie @FrankieBudgie (Frankie went OTRB June 8, 2014)
Baby Jo @karmaevenson –  Oliver Norman  @GeanineHarding

Row 2:  Rosie @RosieBear90 – Miss TTT  @TiredTeacherTed

Row 3: Finley @FinleyWestie – Jensen & Zapper @maxmaster31
Whitley @WhitleyWestie


Group pics 6 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Paddy @PattsPaddy                                       Kenny @Kennykoalabear – Cordelia @zaffycorkyollie

Row 2:   TinyTia @iundidputed (change acct names often- difficult to locate)  – Princess Maisie @MShihtzu

Row 3:  Miss Mouse @Tweet_Mouse  – Danny Boy @Danny1My Marilyn @marilynwinders


Group pics 5 of 8

 (Picture Above) Row 1:  Stanley @StanleyWestie                                     Lily @MissLilyDoodle  – Winston and Bruv @BraveWinston

Row 2:  Alfie @sjchocoholic  and  @theWelshWestie

Row 3:  Maisie & Maud @MaisieandMaude                                              Bengie @SarahAntill – Bella @Bella_Ruthie


Group pics 4 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Felix & Lily @Felix_and_Lily                      Norman @Normanisadog                                                                                           Mr. Wuhpappels aka Jasper and fursibs Quincy, Abby & Loki @Wuhpappels

Row 2:  Pete @Pete_Bear07  –  Scotty @ScottyBlueCat

Row 3:  Rosie & Riley @YorkieDoggies – Tyson @Tysonp08
StanleyBun @EllenMelonsUK


Group pics 3 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Jacky @borderbears – Willy @3NC_Jacks Brando @brando53669941

Row 2:  Tuck @ TuckTheLawDog – Fry @ HawkeyeMonet

Row 3:  Ethel Mae @EthelBulldog – Shrimpy @AZ DesertShrimp Maddie the Narwhale @Re_Re_K


Group pics 2 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Bonnie @BonniedaWestie                                          Chloe @ourChloePup  – Chester @ChesterWoof

Row 2:  Reddy @Reddy1408 – Duffy @DuffyCavoodle

Row 3:   Scarlett @CharlieBrinkle2 – Murphy @MurphyCavoodle
Merlin @MerlinsMission


Group pics 1 of 8

(Picture Above)

Row 1
Squirt @oscardismore 

Lucas  @Moon_dust19
Maddox  @MaddBoston 

Row 2
Peppa @My_Peps
Siena @echo_indigo

Row 3

 2014 Group pics - Jan 14

(Picture Above)
Row 1
Hammy @shayneshark
Angel Peggy  @MundarePeggy


Row 2
 Lucas @moon_dust19
Kippy @LittleLionKippy

Row 3
 Lisa  @StuffMyPetsSay 

Jeremy @JezzerBearJim 

Shark  @SharkShepard 

2014 Group pics - Jan 8

(Picture Above)

Row 1
Biscuit  @WestieBiscuit
Munchkin  @scully_sue
 Winston  @PushUpsnPaws 

Row 2
Seamus @MadSCWT
Sir Scamp @SirScamp

Row 3
 Lady T 
Miss Odd Sock 


We send LOVE! – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite