2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures


#TheAviators co-founder @DearClyde began to make new members “newbies” group pictures Summer of 2013.  Every eight new members are put together in a group photograph.  Here, we share 2013  group pictures with you.  Special thanks to @DearClyde for doing the new members special group pictures project! 


2013 Dec 7 pic

Row 1
Sparta  @silliously
Duffy @Duffybear17
Angel Miss Reine @Reine1Reine  OTRB  (passed away) January 6, 2014 actively flies with #TheAviators #Angels Squad 

Row 2
Barley @oneinthere 

Row 3
Miss  Lucky


2013 nov 9 pic 1

Row 1
Harvey @BunnersandHarvs
MickeeG @33mcguinness
Barney @CarolJowitt

Row 2
Freddie and Brian @FreddieandBrian
Merryck @MerryckDog

Row 3
Lord Percy @LordPercySays
Clyde @Clyde_E_Kitten
Oscar and Jessie @OscarandJessieG 

2013 nov 9 pic 2

 Row 1
 Kye @chelleloulou 
Mia and Manu @MiaandManu
Simon @Simonsterpug

Row 2
Gorgeous Gordon @Jayney54 
TangoMango @TangoMango9

Row 3
Angel Smokey @Smokey8 OTRB (passed away) August 29, 2013 actively flies with #TheAviators #Angels Squadron 
Thomas @ThomasATerrier
Nero @LobsterDogster

2013 nov 9 pic 3

Row 1
 SantasCat @SantasCat 
Jake @OneWhiteDog 
Willy @ cybercat919 

Row 2
Sammy @SammydaBulldog 
Dexter and Bode @woolfgirl17

Row 3
Bella @ ThePugTales
KD @ KDwoofwoof  KD went OTRB (passed away) June 4, 2014
Duffy @Duffy_TheBear 


2013 Oct 28 pic

Row 1
Rupert @RupertCat3 
Kingsley (spokesdog) and fursib crew Lewis (Yellow Lab), Xena  and Molly (both Black Labs)   @CedarWych  
Holly @WestieHolly 

Row 2
Clapton @ClaptonTerrier 
Kassi @Kassidood

Row 3
Lou Lou @DivaLouLou
Annie and Roxie @radianttabby 
Willow @RutterJulie 

2013 Oct 23 pic

Row 1
Jack @thedailylama1 
Barney @scampi1945
Pepper @PepperTheBoston 

Row 2
Miss Farley Beagle @BeagleBoySam 
Casper @ProCasper 

Row 3
Murphy @boudygirl
Jack @JackServiceDog 
Princess Pooky @lace675468  OTRB (passed away) July 7, 2014 


2013 Sept 28 pic

Row 1
Chester @Chester_da_Pug 
Cat @cafrindorrell   
Roger Dat  (lives with @DearClyde) 

Row 2
Not So @ShyBun 
Archie @Archietime1 

Row 3
Barley @oneinthere
Charlie @NaeNae_1204 
Abby (Abigail) @Abigail_U2 

2013 Sept 18 pic

Row 1
Eric @kittyerictheman
Mr Pie @Mr_Pie
Snowball Pierre @SnowballPierre 

Row 2
Toddy Furrington @ToddyFur
Marie @MarietheTabby

Row 3
Oprah @OprahtheWestie
Noodles @Noodlesthecat1
Chalky and Cuddles @chalkybear13

2013 Sept 16 pic

Row 1
Sulley @Helhawk 
Gabig  @Mumbasgabig (can no longer find on Twitter)
Kolo  @Kolo_Martin 

Row 2
Ace @AceTengfei 
KerD @KerDunkedunk

Row 3
Stelly @MissStellyBean
Jed @jedbramwell ( 2014 reported human schedule too busy to participate)
Maupi @MaupiEnCo 

2013 Sept 2 pic

Row 1
William @SheepWilliam 
Vax @WestieVax  
Boss @AlbertaBoss 

Row 2
Poe @BergsonSandra 
Bertie @MrBertster

Row 3
Yoshi @neale_yoshi
Wellington and Pickle @prickly_duo –  Wellington OTRB (passed away) July 22, 2014 – family hedgehog member Millie has recently made @prickly_duo a duo flying team once again.  
Pudding @Ms_Pud 


2013 Aug 25 pic

Row 1
Gizmo Ruston @GizmoRstn  
Rosie Rose @RosieRoseLA  
Shayna @heffsvoice 

Row 2
Mollie @MoolieLu
Mikey @caseymarie7

Row 3
Teddy Stevens @stevensted
Charlie and Lola  @jadeoglesby (could no longer find on Twitter)
Annabelle @Puppypowers4

2013 Aug 18 pic

Row 1
Rolo @RoloBearHound – Rolo went OTRB  September 11, 2013 – sisfur now tweets account, but does not fly
Pawson @PawsonFurball
Stauro @Anelle79

Row 2
Martha @MarthaBBear
Chilly @ChillyTheBear

Row 3
Bumbley @Im_A_Bumbler
Horatio @HoratioPercival (could no longer find on Twitter)
Otis @lisareed13

2013 Aug 4 pic

Row 1
Monty @Catrepeneur 
Jezebel @JezebelsLife 
FiFi Le Bon Bon (aka Clover?) @SillyRabbitsCat

Row 2
Alfie @AlfieBeardie
Yeppe @Yepsels

Row 3
Athena @CatGodessAthena
Boo Boo @BooBooBearGreen
Zipper @dacupcakekitty

2013 Aug 2 pic

Row 1
Ama  @Amadeusivan
Herman @TattleCat
Bart @CattleDogBart

Row 2
Cook @CookTheDog went OTRB January 8, 2015 – remains club active – Teddy a sweet new dog was rescued by Mom’s loving heart. 
Sir Herbert @CelpiesCorner

Row 3
Tabitha @MeowwLily 
Winston  @WinstonWhippet
Bella @samsBellabob


2013 July 29 pic

Row 1
Ashley @dog_chelsea
Tinkiebelle @DebraHall4ever2
Oscar @WonderSchnauzer

Row 2
@livvyoldcat (Twitter account deactivated)

Row 3
Ted @TourGuideTed
Charles Lance @cathound7
Princess Peia @peia_BOSterriah went OTRB (passed away) August 12, 2014 

2013 July 24 pic

Row 1
Newt @NewttheCat
Marble @marblesays
Sweeney @HessieD

Row 2
Widget @widget_the_wimp
Sebastian @TheLittle_Dude

Row 3
Pillster @PillsterCat
Rudy @Tinncat (changed his mind, but picture was already done – Rudy went OTRB October of 2014
Peyton @IAmCindyBush

2013 July 6 pic

Row 1
Emmett @Emmett_dog
Cookie @MouseFaceMeow 
Tate @jdpoohbear (Tate went to a new home, currently Tori is still flying.)

Row 2
Mr B @laura_and_Mr_B 
Blaze @BlazeTheNinja

Row 3

@NoblePopper and Popper @NoblePopper (changed their minds, but this picture was already done) 

2014 #TheAviators Group Pictures   <– Click on it to open for you in either a new window or tab.  Make new friends! 

We send LOVE! – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite