#TheAviators Graduates NOV DEC 2014 – JAN 2015

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter – Saturday,  November 1,  2014 and to those #TheAviators who have chosen or will choose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their Basic #TheAviators Twitter flying license this quarter.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license. ALL #TheAviators, please feel welcome and come fly for a refresher, to coach and/or mentor new flyers or simply enjoy a #TheAviators flight. The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

(Special Note: Any of #TheAviators may come and Twitter-fly at any time with or without having a Basic License. The license is an achievement we as a club are very proud to offer you to earn.)

SELF- STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean? On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Basic Twitter flying license. #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study. That club blog post follows. Clicking on it will bring up the page in a new window or tab.


Here are our latest #TheAviators Basic License Graduates:

COOPER and WILLOW @MariaPulk Jan 2, 2015 (self-study)

@MariaPulk CooperWillow Jan 2

TONY TIGER @TonyTiger2000  Dec 29 (self-study)

@TonyTiger2000 Dec 29

TIA @TiaCat007  Dec 28 (self-study)


REGGIE and DROVER @ReggieandDrover Nov 11

@ReggieandDrover Nov 11

DIJON @AliBensonSmith Nov 1

@AliBensonSmith Dijon Nov 1

BENEDICT @BenedictRabbit Nov 1

@BenedictRabbit Nov 1 license

BJORN @BjornFurry  Nov 1

@BjornFurry Nov 1

FLORA  @hexy15 NOV 1

@hexy15  Flora Nov 1

OLLIE @OllietheCat2 NOV 1

@OllietheCat2 Nov 1

SAMMY and FELINO @SammyFelino

@SammyFelino Nov 1

BENGIE @SarahAntill self-study NOV 1

@SarahAnthill Bengie Nov 1 self study

SPROCKET @Sprocket_Cool NOV 1

@Sprocket_Cool Nov 1

TWEAK @thetweak NOV 1

@thetweak Nov 1

ANGUS (GUS) and CHARLIE @westiesdorset  NOV 1

@westiesdorset Nov 1

Here’s to you, may you have many good flights with #TheAviators! – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite and @theaviatorsclub #TheAviators HQ staff.