#TheAviators #Angels Squadron Update

October 11,  2015 Update

(Editor’s note:  #TheAviators #Angels, a specialty squadron of #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub on Twitter.  #TheAviators are goggled anipals who Twitter fly.  Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy is one of #TheAviators Leadership Team and Squadron Captain of #TheAviators #Angels.) ********

Hello everyone,  I’m Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy  (#TheAviators #Angels Squadron Captain)   It is 20 months ( on October 19, 2015) since the #TheAviators #Angels  Squadron first took flight.  I want to thank everyone who has supported this venture since the beginning. 

Special mention should go to #TheAviators Leadership team of @ToddyFur (Toddy Furrington),  @3DogsWhite (Daisy and Taz) and @clingycat (Jazz) and my sisfur @lucky_GSD (Miss Lucky).   Without their hard work and support the Angels Squadron would have never taken flight. I would also like to thank the members of the #TheAviators #Angels Squadron who selflessly give of themselves whenever a flight takes place.

As of  Sunday, October 11,  2015 – #TheAviators #Angels  will have completed 93  flights honoring 98 pets since we flew our inaugural flight of introduction in February of 2014. 

#TheAviators #Angels celebrating their 1st Anniversary on Twitter STORIFY by Captain Hugo @hugo4de for @MundarePeggy, @theaviatorsclub and #TheAviators #Angels 

Year 1 – 59 separate flights honoring 64 pets. 

“Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, 60and then communicate consistently in those terms.”
Simon Mainwaring

When the idea of the Angels Squadron was first proposed, it was unanimously agreed upon the fact that we would hold true to two core values.  The ideas of flying with dignity and gentle decorum as well as the belief that it was important for families to come to us for assistance rather than “chasing ambulances.”

Sometimes, in our excitement and enthusiasm to help we need to remind ourselves to exercise patience and caring at all times.

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.”   Dr. Seuss

The purpose of the Angels Squadron is to give immediate support and comfort to individuals and families of pets that are critically ill and/or have already gone Over The Rainbow Bridge. (OTRB – pet passed away).  Unfortunately, we do not do tributes for mass groups like the stray dogs in Sochi. I feel that this is not the proper platform to honour such tragic events.

For all our Twitter pals as well as members of #TheAviators: 

1 .   A close pal to you or your own pet has gone OTRB.   Please have the affected family make direct contact with me to first give permission for a special flight and secondly to help plan that flight.   We think it important for family to be flight involved.  Don’t worry if there is a time delay.   Sometimes families need that extra time to get over the  initial and overwhelming shock of a pet loss.  Once a family has given permission for a flight,  they do sometimes also grant permission to a close relative, friend or pal to work flight plans and details.  

2.  Pals can certainly let other pals know about #TheAviators #Angels.  

3.   If you have a question about whether or not there is a tribute flight scheduled for a friend of yours, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Often times, the others of Leadership team or #TheAviators HQ staff will not be aware of a tribute flight until the details of the flight have been finalized. 

4.  Rainbow Bridge Escort  and Honours Flyby or Flypast  are the two specific tribute flights #TheAviators #Angels do for the OTRB.

  A Rainbow Bridge Escort is a formal flight that represents escorting and safely delivering a pet passed away to the Rainbow Bridge.

 The Honours Flyby is a more relaxed flight that celebrates the life of a pet well-loved and is more suitable for when a pet has been OTRB for some time.

 When the affected family have granted permission we decide the time and date (schedule) and the type of flight they would like us to fly.  What I need from the family is 1-4 pictures plus fond memories the family is comfortable sharing.  When a family has no available pictures please let me know.  I still need memories they are comfortable sharing.    To view and follow the flight on Twitter we always use #TheAviators #Angels hash tags.  (Click on picture to bring up for better reading)

Angels Family Poster

5.  FLIGHT LEADERS TEAM – are you available or want to help plan a mission? Please contact me. 

6.   Our Angels Squadron is made up of both OTRB  (Over The Rainbow Bridge) as well as living members of #TheAviators.  It would not be possible to fly these tribute flights without them and assistance from members of #TheAviators who may not have joined the Angels Squadron but are available and do fly support along with the Angels.

All “mission” notices are sent by Direct Message from myself to the members of the Angels Squadron. We do this out of respect for the feelings of the affected family and to ensure flight notices are not lost in timelines.  The club account tweets one flight notice announcement. Members of and  followers of #TheAviators and the family of the departed pet are welcome to copy/paste – RT – quote – as they desire. 

All #TheAviators flyers are always welcome to fly with our squad and tweet content appropriate to the flight at hand.  If you as one of #TheAviators are interested in being placed on #TheAviators #Angels Squadron list to be notified of flights via DM (direct message) – please tweet me @MundarePeggy. 

7.   In the event that you find a situation that the Angels Squadron can be of assistance, please take the time to let me know.  If you would like to make a special contribution (eg Missing Man Formation) for a friend that we are planning a tribute for just send me a Direct Message. When there is a tribute flight comes up that you are interested in leading,  please let me know as soon as possible.

8.  We also invite friends and pals of the Twitter account we are flying for to tweet-in during the missions.

9.   Presently the club  uses this same #TheAviators #Angels process for our own #TheAviators who go OTRB.  If the family wants us to have a special flight, we will be privileged to especially honor our club friends.  Please feel free to tweet or Direct Message me.  Again, it is still vital the family give flight permission first! Then if that family wants to designate a close relative, friend or pal to assist with planning please let me know right away.   We want to assure #TheAviators #Angels has a prepared flight. 

10.  Questions, concerns, suggestions for improvement. Please use the comments below and/or find me on Twitter @MundarePeggy and tweet or DM (direct message) me as you want to.

Thank you all for taking the time to read these #TheAviators #Angels updates.

( Thank you #TheAviators HQ staff along with @3DogsWhite for your editing and publishing help. ) 

For #TheAviators #Angels – Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy. 

@MundarePeggy for blog