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Flight School Beginners

15 AUGUST 2015 –  2 flight sessions taught on Twitter. 

See Time Zones/Cities Chart posted further down in this blog for times/date in your part of the world 

15 August 2015   – Flight Instructor @ToddyFur will instruct both the Southern and Northern Missions and will make your #TheAviators BASIC LICENSE.

Wear your goggles. (Use them as your avatar).

Please keep them on until your #TheAviators license has been issued to you.  (@ToddyFur issues the licenses)

Use #TheAviators in all your tweets so you may all see each other and follow #TheAviators hash tag to follow the school program.   Keep “eyes out” there for your Flight Leader’s instruction tweets.  New Twitter flyers if #TheAviators hash tag should run too fast for you, switch over to @ToddyFur tweet page for your flight instruction tweets. 

Those of you with protected (locked) tweet accounts will need to unlock to be seen on #TheAviators hash tag stream.  

How to:

Unlock and re-lock after mission:  please go to your profile page, click on the gear wheel icon and go to settings to unlock, save the changes and refresh the page.   After the mission, you can go to the same place to lock back up again.

How to:

Bring up #TheAviators hash tag page in direct (regular) twitter:   Put  #TheAviators into Twitter’s search feature (the place with the magnifying glass icon).  When that page comes up, click on All  (so all tweets are shown).

In “Direct Twitter” —>    #TheAviators Hash Tag Page ALL Tweets (Showing)

Applications like TweetDeck do allow you to bring up #TheAviators hash tag and add it as a column to follow. Applications like TweetDeck allow you to add a user column like your Flight Team Leader so you can directly see their Flight Instruction tweets if you want to. 

 Southern Mission and Northern Mission are class session terms to define a worldwide schedule.  All #TheAviators are always welcome to fly the schedule that suits their personal needs best.

Pilots meet up and greet 15 minutes prior to Basic Flight School beginning class time (when possible).  Your Flight Leader will often give you a pre-flight briefing.  Early, on time or even a little late, it is ok to come to flight school.

BRING YOUR CALL SIGN:   You need your call sign each time you fly  #TheAviators.   Your call sign will be placed on your #TheAviators license on completion of Basic Flight School.   Here’s the chart to choose a call sign if you have not done so previously.

Flight name

Here’s the example of what  #TheAviators license will look like.

Flying license example

#TheAviators Basic Flight School is a step-by-step course taught with pictures. There is usually a small quiz at the end of the course. Your instructor will give you directions at that time on what to do.

WINGPALS  – Often experienced licensed #TheAviators come to Basic Flight School to refresh their own knowledge and to support newly flying #TheAviators .    You are wanted and welcomed to please come fly and coach, encourage, mentor new flyers.

Often #TheAviators who self-studied for their license come to Basic Flight School for the group warmth, camaraderie and tweet conversation.

 You ALL are among friends. It’s exciting and pleasant.

TIME ZONES AND CITIES CHART   Basic Flight School Classes (Click on the chart to bring it up for better viewing.  Choose the city closest to where you live for both sessions, check the time the session begins, then choose the session and time you want to fly that meets your needs the best.) 

August Basic Flight School Timezones

Good resource for you to explore:

Flight School Tab #TheAviators Organization website – 

Happy flying with #TheAviators!

from  your pals, Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

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