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2014 Adventures #TheAviators

2014  ADVENTURES FLIGHTS  #TheAviators 

Where #TheAviators adventured to during 2014 and who took them there! 

#TheAviators with adventure ideas that want to follow through – here is the Adventure Page at the club website. 

DECEMBER 20 – “FESTIVE FLIGHT” two fights led by @ToddyFur – ah to the “Festive” places of the Holiday Season.

Festive Flight

Captain Toddy Furrington @ToddyFur was goggled to #TheAviators Spring of 2013 and became one of #TheAviators leadership team in Summer of 2013.   His participation and leadership  is priceless to #TheAviators as he does the majority of graphics work (posters, new members goggling) – consultation and work for other flyers who wish to do an adventure and a huge volume of behind the scenes planning  hours and administrative work all very key and vital to the benefit of #TheAviators.


DECEMBER 6 – “NORTHERN LIGHTS”  two flights led by @OllyTed to the sights of Finland including those Northern Lights.

Northern Lights

Captain Olly @OllyTed is one of the early #TheAviators who joined at the beginning of the club in May of 2012.  Captain Olly has provided a large amount of behind the scenes security for numerous #TheAviators flights through these two and a half years.  We are thrilled @OllyTed will lead a wonderful adventure as this!

@OllyTed avatar

NOVEMBER 29 – “ALBERTA BOUND”  two flights led by @lucky_GSD to Alberta, Canada

Alberta Bound

Captain Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD has specialized in Adventures flying and is one of #TheAviators leadership team.  Read more about her below.

Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD Nov 14

SEPTEMBER 20 –  “IT’S NOT THE CITY” two flights led by @oliviackcs leads us to and through New York State in the United States of America.

Not the City Poster

Captain Olivia @oliviackcs was goggled as #TheAviators March 8, 2014. This is Olivia’s first time planning and leading an Adventure Mission for #TheAviators.  Olivia celebrated her “Golden Birthday” being age 6 on August 6, 2014.   Olivia’s furbro Benedict Rabbit (@BenedictRabbit) is now flying #TheAviators following sisfur Olivia’s lead. 

@oliviackcs Mar 8 2014

Sept 6 – Small (Mini-Adventure) led by @lucky_GSD  “Blue Agave to Margaritaville”  

Blue Agave Poster

Captain Miss Lucky was just announced as one of the new members of Leadership Team on August 26, 2014   Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD joined #TheAviators November 14,  2013.  Captain Miss Lucky is one of #TheAviators noted self-study Basic License Graduates and specializes in Adventure Missions.  Read more about her and How To Self Study for Basic Flight School License #TheAviators 

Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD Nov 14

JULY 27 and AUGUST 3 – SCOTLAND (HIGHLANDS) led by @MungoFuzzy  – Originally intended on July 27  to be a one flight small mini-adventure experience for #TheAviators to fly and demonstrate how any member may put an adventure together – it was far too popular a first flight with abundant scenery, places, narratives and even one stop to design and loom one’s own Tartan.  #TheAviators in the Southern Hemisphere then specifically requested to have a flight (AUGUST 3)  in their time zones which also worked out beautifully for those of the United Kingdom and Central Europe who had not been able to fly the JULY 27 date.  We believe we remember hearing the descriptive words “smashing adventure” several times.  Intended as a demonstration flight,  no certificates were issued but an amazing amount of fun was had by all #TheAviators who had the opportunity to fly July 27 and August 3. 

@Mungo Fuzzy 3 August

@MungoFuzzy 27th of July

Captain Mungo @MungoFuzzy is the grandcub of @ToddyFur.  Mungo flew his first #TheAviators mission on December 8, 2013.

@MungoFuzzy airplane

JUNE 7 –  “LAND OF SHINING MOUNTAINS” two flights led by @lucky_GSD  took #TheAviators  on an exploration of  Banff and Jasper National Parks of Canada both located in Alberta, Canada.


Captain Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD joined #TheAviators November 14,  2013.  Captain Miss Lucky is one of #TheAviators noted self-study Basic License Graduates and specializes in Adventure Missions.  Read more about her and How To Self Study For Basic Flight School License #TheAviators  

Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD Nov 14

MAY 18 –  “SMALL ADVENTURE”  – a brief Sunday afternoon flight  around the area of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom led by @MungoFuzzy to demonstrate how any individual #TheAviators may put a flight together and fly at anytime.  This was a “just for fun demonstration flight” so no Adventure certificates were issued.  We blogged a bit about it. You may enjoy the pictures there.  

@MungoFuzzy’s Small Adventure #TheAviators 

Captain Mungo @MungoFuzzy is the grandcub of @ToddyFur.  Mungo flew his first #TheAviators mission on December 8, 2013.

@MungoFuzzy airplane

APRIL 26 – “COWBOY TRAIL” two flights led by @lucky_GSD

Cowboy Trail

Captain Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD joined #TheAviators November 14, 2013

Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD Nov 14

APRIL 5 –  “INDONESIAN”  two flights led by  @dog_chelsea.

Indonesian Adventure

Captain Ashley @dog_chelsea  joined #TheAviators July 25, 2013.

Ashley @dog_chelsea July 25

March 22  –   “The World’s Biggest Adventure” – a tour of oddities and monuments in Northeastern Alberta, Canada led by @lucky_GSD.

Worlds Biggest Adventure

Captain Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD joined #TheAviators November 14, 2013

Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD Nov 14

March 15 –  “Vine to Wine” – a tour of California Vineyards and Wineries,  led by  Harley @HonorUSA1211

Aviators Vine to Wine

Captain Harley @HonorUSA1211 joined #TheAviators November 13, 2013.

Harley @HonorUSA1211 Nov 13

Now a part of #TheAviators history!  Happy Twitter flying from your pals – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite 

2012 June Originators of #The Aviators Basic Flight Schools

Yoko, Irie and Lucky (Schnauzer girls) along with their typist Twitty @Twitelien put in hundreds of hours of daily volunteer services to #TheAviators from the May 2012 beginning through Summer 2013.  Their most well known and long-standing origination is designing and creating #TheAviators first Basic Flight School.

May 2012 @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky Two

2012 @theaviatorsclub 1st Flight School June 23 24

2012 July Flight School

 You know our “Lady-bug” backpacks we all fill to the brim with food and treats and beverages  and use each of our flights?  That would be from them.   Basic Flight School just went into it’s first updated edition via @ToddyFur in Spring of 2014.  The origin and foundation format all began with the Schnauzer girls and their typist @Twitelien.  @Pillstercat found us the original Lady Bug slide and we show you the most 2014 edition. 


Original LadyBug Slide



2012 May @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky

 @DearClyde the original of the club three co-founders sent this picture through to @Twitelien and the Schnauzer girls in July 2013.  It is still as heartfelt and ringing so true right now for so many of we  #TheAviators

Thank you Twitty








THANK YOU – Here is to beloved Twitty and the Schnauzer girls Yoko, Irie and Lucky @Twitelien – May you always have the best skies to fly in!  #TheAviators 

May 2012 @Twitelien Yoko Irie Lucky 4


Twitty upside down

Keep watching and keep reading!  We plan to be able to bring you more of #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub on Twitter history.

Daisy and Taz –  @3DogsWhite 

2013 #TheAviators JAN – JULY

2013 #TheAviators JAN – JULY (part of July) 

(Editors note:  Twitpic @Twitpic is closing for good on September 25, 2014 forcing history researchers @3DogsWhite (us) to move at as rapid, even frantic pace to try to save as much #TheAviators  @theaviatorsclub on Twitter pictorial history as possible.

What “part of July” means = @DearClyde one of the co-founders began to make group pictures of #TheAviators that are already blogged.  We may have a tiny overlap in this blog (to be determined) so that we may if at all possible leave no  somewhat active status aviator out.

 IF YOU CAME INTO #TheAviators between January and July of 2013 and cannot find a blog post with you in it, please contact us @3DogsWhite on Twitter.  —-> There are a few #TheAviators who received goggles and the club never heard from them again ever.  We have left them out.  The pressure of having a limited time deadline weighs heavily in that particular decision. – Daisy and Taz ) 


@AlbaGraceCat  Alba goggled January 21, 2013

@AlbaGraceCat Jan 21 2013


@AmandasRascals Harper goggled January 24, 2013 (Mom is @tweetsiecakes) – Sisfur Lily also goggled January 24, 2013  went OTRB.  @AmandasRascals lost their Twitter password (never retrieved) and have been unable to participate with #TheAviators

@AmandasRascals Harper

@AmandasRascals Lily

@AmandasRascals Lily

@AmandasRascals Lily In Memoriam Portrait July 2013

@AmandasRascals Lily OTRB In Memoriam July 2013

@AmandasRascals Buster and Emerson goggled January 24, 2013

@AmandasRascals Buster and Emerson Jan 24

@BlazetheNinja – Blaze goggled July 6, 2013

@BlazeTheNinja July 6

July 14 @BlazeThenNinja license

@cats_meow now known @mariethetabby was goggled to #TheAviators March 28, 2013

@mariethetabby @cats_meow March 28 2013


@ChalkyBear13  ChalkyBear and Cuddles were goggled to #TheAviators May 23, 2013 

@chalkybear13 May 23 Chalky Bear and Cuddles

@chalkybear13 Nov license

@Emmett_Dog – Emmett goggled July 6, 2013

@Emmett_Dog July 6

July 14 @Emmett_dog license

@ginacuccu – Gina goggled #TheAviators  January 30, 2013

@ginacuccu Jan 30 2013

July14 @ginacuccu license

@harrypurplemonky – Harry goggled #TheAviators January 24, 2013

@harryprplmonky Jan 24 2013

July 14 @HarryPurplMonky license

@jdpoohbear Tate aka Tater was goggled #TheAviators  July 6, 2013.  A major family move across the country sent Tate to a new and loving home. Sisfur Tori is still a flyer with #TheAviators

@jdpoohbear Tate July 6

July 14 @jdpoohbear Tate license

@jdpoohbear Tori was goggled #TheAviators November 30, 2012

@jdpoohbear Tori Nov 30 2012

@KimVanspauwen Sunny was goggled #TheAviators January 19, 2013.  Angel Sunny went OTRB May 2, 2014.  They remain active status in their continuing support of #TheAviators

@KimVanspauwen Sunny Jan 19 2013


@KimVanspauwen Angel Sunny In Memoriam picture July, 2014

@KimVanspauwen OTRB May 2

@kittyerictheman Eric was goggled #TheAviators  April 22, 2013 and regularly flies #TheAviators Quarterly Tribute Missions held every three months.

@kittyerictheman April 22 2013

july 14 @kittyerictheman license

@laura_and_mr_b  Mr B was goggled #TheAviators July 6, 2013.

@laura_and_mr_b July 6

July 14 @laura_and_mr_b license

@Lickrish_mancat was goggled #TheAviators January 21, 2013

@Lickrish_mancat  Jan 21 2013


@marblesays – Marble was goggled #TheAviators July 14, 2013.  Marble’s best friend @TeddyB_cat often flies co-pilot and companion with Marble.

@marblesays July 14 2013

July 14 @marblesays license

@Mikey_W_Cat was goggled #TheAviators January 21, 2013

@Mikey_W_Cat Mikey Jan 21 2013


@MouseFaceMeow Cookie was goggled #TheAviators July 6, 2013

@MouseFaceMeow Cookie July 6


@Mr_Pie was goggled to #TheAviators April 25, 2013

@Mr_Pie April 25 2013

July 14 @Mr_Pie license

@Noodlesthecat1 – Noodles was goggled to #TheAviators April 22, 2013

@NoodlesTheCat1 April 22 2013

July 13 @Noodlesthecat1 license

@OprahtheWestie was goggled #TheAviators May 22, 2013

@OprahtheWestie May 22

july 14 @OprahtheWestie license

@RossoFPCatling – Rosso goggled to #TheAviators October 22, 2012

@RossoFPCatling Oct 22 2012

Jul 13 @RossoFPCatling license

@Sadie_D_Doxie – Sadie was goggled to #TheAviators April 21, 2013. After being a very active and flying #TheAviators – Sadie received a goggles and airplane upgrade from @ToddyFur  on February 10, 2014 which we are also very proud to show in this blog post.  Thank you Sadie for all your loving and continuing flight service to this club.

@Sadie_D_Doxie  April 21 2013

July 14 @Sadie_D_Doxie license

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 2014 Update

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 10 2014

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 2014 Airplane

@Sadie_D_Doxie airplane Feb 10 2014

@SnowballPierre – Pierre goggled as #TheAviators May 24, 2012

@SnowballPierre may 24

July 13 @SnowballPierre license

@ToddyFur – Toddy goggled #TheAviators April 25, 2013.  An invaluable member of #TheAviators Leadership Team – Toddy has been dutiful and prolific at seeing this organization survive and thrive.

@ToddyFur April 25 2013

@Widget_the_wimp – Widget goggled #TheAviators  July 13, 2013

@Widget_the_wimp July 13

July 14 @Widget_the_wimp license

Happy flying with #TheAviators – it has been our greatest privilege to make an effort to save some of this our club history. We are very proud of #TheAviators and you members.

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite on Twitter.