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2013 #TheAviators JAN – JULY

2013 #TheAviators JAN – JULY (part of July) 

(Editors note:  Twitpic @Twitpic is closing for good on September 25, 2014 forcing history researchers @3DogsWhite (us) to move at as rapid, even frantic pace to try to save as much #TheAviators  @theaviatorsclub on Twitter pictorial history as possible.

What “part of July” means = @DearClyde one of the co-founders began to make group pictures of #TheAviators that are already blogged.  We may have a tiny overlap in this blog (to be determined) so that we may if at all possible leave no  somewhat active status aviator out.

 IF YOU CAME INTO #TheAviators between January and July of 2013 and cannot find a blog post with you in it, please contact us @3DogsWhite on Twitter.  —-> There are a few #TheAviators who received goggles and the club never heard from them again ever.  We have left them out.  The pressure of having a limited time deadline weighs heavily in that particular decision. – Daisy and Taz ) 


@AlbaGraceCat  Alba goggled January 21, 2013

@AlbaGraceCat Jan 21 2013


@AmandasRascals Harper goggled January 24, 2013 (Mom is @tweetsiecakes) – Sisfur Lily also goggled January 24, 2013  went OTRB.  @AmandasRascals lost their Twitter password (never retrieved) and have been unable to participate with #TheAviators

@AmandasRascals Harper

@AmandasRascals Lily

@AmandasRascals Lily

@AmandasRascals Lily In Memoriam Portrait July 2013

@AmandasRascals Lily OTRB In Memoriam July 2013

@AmandasRascals Buster and Emerson goggled January 24, 2013

@AmandasRascals Buster and Emerson Jan 24

@BlazetheNinja – Blaze goggled July 6, 2013

@BlazeTheNinja July 6

July 14 @BlazeThenNinja license

@cats_meow now known @mariethetabby was goggled to #TheAviators March 28, 2013

@mariethetabby @cats_meow March 28 2013


@ChalkyBear13  ChalkyBear and Cuddles were goggled to #TheAviators May 23, 2013 

@chalkybear13 May 23 Chalky Bear and Cuddles

@chalkybear13 Nov license

@Emmett_Dog – Emmett goggled July 6, 2013

@Emmett_Dog July 6

July 14 @Emmett_dog license

@ginacuccu – Gina goggled #TheAviators  January 30, 2013

@ginacuccu Jan 30 2013

July14 @ginacuccu license

@harrypurplemonky – Harry goggled #TheAviators January 24, 2013

@harryprplmonky Jan 24 2013

July 14 @HarryPurplMonky license

@jdpoohbear Tate aka Tater was goggled #TheAviators  July 6, 2013.  A major family move across the country sent Tate to a new and loving home. Sisfur Tori is still a flyer with #TheAviators

@jdpoohbear Tate July 6

July 14 @jdpoohbear Tate license

@jdpoohbear Tori was goggled #TheAviators November 30, 2012

@jdpoohbear Tori Nov 30 2012

@KimVanspauwen Sunny was goggled #TheAviators January 19, 2013.  Angel Sunny went OTRB May 2, 2014.  They remain active status in their continuing support of #TheAviators

@KimVanspauwen Sunny Jan 19 2013


@KimVanspauwen Angel Sunny In Memoriam picture July, 2014

@KimVanspauwen OTRB May 2

@kittyerictheman Eric was goggled #TheAviators  April 22, 2013 and regularly flies #TheAviators Quarterly Tribute Missions held every three months.

@kittyerictheman April 22 2013

july 14 @kittyerictheman license

@laura_and_mr_b  Mr B was goggled #TheAviators July 6, 2013.

@laura_and_mr_b July 6

July 14 @laura_and_mr_b license

@Lickrish_mancat was goggled #TheAviators January 21, 2013

@Lickrish_mancat  Jan 21 2013


@marblesays – Marble was goggled #TheAviators July 14, 2013.  Marble’s best friend @TeddyB_cat often flies co-pilot and companion with Marble.

@marblesays July 14 2013

July 14 @marblesays license

@Mikey_W_Cat was goggled #TheAviators January 21, 2013

@Mikey_W_Cat Mikey Jan 21 2013


@MouseFaceMeow Cookie was goggled #TheAviators July 6, 2013

@MouseFaceMeow Cookie July 6


@Mr_Pie was goggled to #TheAviators April 25, 2013

@Mr_Pie April 25 2013

July 14 @Mr_Pie license

@Noodlesthecat1 – Noodles was goggled to #TheAviators April 22, 2013

@NoodlesTheCat1 April 22 2013

July 13 @Noodlesthecat1 license

@OprahtheWestie was goggled #TheAviators May 22, 2013

@OprahtheWestie May 22

july 14 @OprahtheWestie license

@RossoFPCatling – Rosso goggled to #TheAviators October 22, 2012

@RossoFPCatling Oct 22 2012

Jul 13 @RossoFPCatling license

@Sadie_D_Doxie – Sadie was goggled to #TheAviators April 21, 2013. After being a very active and flying #TheAviators – Sadie received a goggles and airplane upgrade from @ToddyFur  on February 10, 2014 which we are also very proud to show in this blog post.  Thank you Sadie for all your loving and continuing flight service to this club.

@Sadie_D_Doxie  April 21 2013

July 14 @Sadie_D_Doxie license

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 2014 Update

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 10 2014

@Sadie_D_Doxie Feb 2014 Airplane

@Sadie_D_Doxie airplane Feb 10 2014

@SnowballPierre – Pierre goggled as #TheAviators May 24, 2012

@SnowballPierre may 24

July 13 @SnowballPierre license

@ToddyFur – Toddy goggled #TheAviators April 25, 2013.  An invaluable member of #TheAviators Leadership Team – Toddy has been dutiful and prolific at seeing this organization survive and thrive.

@ToddyFur April 25 2013

@Widget_the_wimp – Widget goggled #TheAviators  July 13, 2013

@Widget_the_wimp July 13

July 14 @Widget_the_wimp license

Happy flying with #TheAviators – it has been our greatest privilege to make an effort to save some of this our club history. We are very proud of #TheAviators and you members.

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite on Twitter. 

#TheAviators Graduates AUG SEPT OCT 2014

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter – Saturday, August 16,  2014 and to those #TheAviators who have chosen and will choose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their Basic #TheAviators Twitter flying license this quarter.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license. ALL #TheAviators, please feel welcome and come fly for a refresher, to coach and/or mentor new flyers or simply enjoy a #TheAviators flight.  The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

(Special Note: Any of #TheAviators may come and Twitter-fly at any time with or without having a Basic License.  The license is an achievement we as a club are very proud to offer you to earn.)

SELF- STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean? On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Basic Twitter flying license. #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  That club blog post follows. Clicking on it will bring up the page in a new window or tab. 


Here are our latest #TheAviators Basic License Graduates:

BERNARD @BernardsBark Oct 10 self-study

@BernardsBark Oct 10

LIVVIE @gigglingr – self study Oct 3

@gigglingr Livvie Basic License Oct 3

 CHARLIE @charlieclaws – self study Sept 7

@Charlieclaws Basic Sept 7

MIA and MANU @MiaandManu – self study Sept 6

@MiaandManu Basic Sept 6

AMEOWLIA FURHART @AmeowliaFurhart – self study Sept 4

@AmeowliaFurhart Basic Sept 4

TIGER @TigerNoStripes  Aug 27 self-study

@TigerNoStripes Tiger Basic Aug 27

MISS MAISIE  @moosiegermandog August 27 by self-studying    

@moosiegermandog Maisie Basic  Aug 27

STAMFORD @BlondieStam  self-studying  Aug 27

@BlondieStam Stamford Basic Aug 27

LUCKY  @Deadlysecret007 self-study Aug 26

@Deadlysecret007 Lucky Basic Aug 25

HARVEY @Cooper68Cooper self-study Aug 25

@Cooper68Cooper Harvey Basic Aug 25

MR COCO @jutucker self -study Aug 24

@jutucker Mr Coco Basic Aug 24

 MOLLY MOO @DoggyMolly self study Aug 23

@DoggyMolly Molly Moo Basic Aug 23

BENJI @BenjiCoolCat   August 23 self-study

@BenjiCoolCat  Benji Aug 23

BRODIE @BrodieWeedug  August 16

@BrodieWeedug Brodie Basic Aug 16

BUNNY @Bunny_daPug  August 16

@Bunny_daPug Bunny Basic Aug 16

WANJA @citybecamesound attained Basic License August  20 – before going OTRB – still active from the Rainbow Bridge and has two new cat brofurs @SammyFelino who also fly #TheAviators 

@citybecamesound Wanja Aug 20

CLAUDIE (CLAUDIA), FREDDIE and MONTY @debsspencer1  August 16

@debsspencer1 Claudie Freddie Monty Basic  Aug 16

ROWLAND and MACAVITY  cat brofurs @RMacavity August 16. Macavity went OTRB but remains active flyer from the Rainbow Bridge. 

@DENISEGREY @RMacavity Rowland Macavity Basic Aug 16

CHARLIE and FREDDIE @donnagocat  August 16.

@donnagocat Charlie Freddie Basic Aug 16

FRANKIE @frankieVtweets August 16 

@frankievtweets Frankie Basic Aug 16

PEA @gabbygecko August 16 

@gabbygecko Pea Basic Aug 16

HENDRIX @HendrixBT August 16 

@HendrixBT Hendrix Basic Aug 16

DUCHESS @HRHDuchessII August 16

@HRHDuchessll Duchess Basic Aug 16

LUKA  @I_Am_Luka  August 16 

@I_Am_Luka Luka Basic Aug 16

MISHA @MishaMischief August 16

@MishaMischief Misha Basic Aug 16

TUXIE @mk_inwa August 16

@mk_inwa Tuxie Basic Aug 16

MOOSE @MooseTheSvcPit  August 16

@MooseTheSvcPit Moose Basic Aug 16

KOJI @MurphyBeagle August 16

@MurphyBeagle Koji  Basic Aug 16

MURPHY @MurphyJr_00 August 12 self-study

@MurphyJr_00 Murph Basic Aug 12

ORAN @OranDeKat  August 5 self-study 

@OranDekat  Oran Basic  Aug 5

PEPPER @PepperLilScout  August 16

@PepperLilScout Pepper Basic Aug 16


@PRPLWYCH Purple Basic Aug 16

RAMSAY and OLIVER @ram_olly   August 6 self-study 

@ram_olly Ramsay Oliver Basic Aug 6th

MOBY @TheMobyKeech August 16

@TheMobyKeech Moby Basic Aug 16

HARRY @UncleArry August 16

@UncleArry Harry Dinker Basic Aug 16

CHLOE @ZenMasterChlo August 23 self-study 

@ZenMasterChlo Chloe Aug 23

 Where other #TheAviators Graduates we were able to collect are found here at the blog listed below.  Click on and it will bring up a page in a new window or tab. 

#TheAviators Graduates MAY JUNE JULY 2014 

#TheAviators Graduates FEB MAR APRIL 2014

#TheAviators Graduates NOV DEC 2013 

#TheAviators Graduates AUG 2013 

 Happy flying with #TheAviators – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite 


2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures


#TheAviators co-founder @DearClyde began to make new members “newbies” group pictures Summer of 2013.  Every eight new members are put together in a group photograph.  Here, we share 2013  group pictures with you.  Special thanks to @DearClyde for doing the new members special group pictures project! 


2013 Dec 7 pic

Row 1
Sparta  @silliously
Duffy @Duffybear17
Angel Miss Reine @Reine1Reine  OTRB  (passed away) January 6, 2014 actively flies with #TheAviators #Angels Squad 

Row 2
Barley @oneinthere 

Row 3
Miss  Lucky


2013 nov 9 pic 1

Row 1
Harvey @BunnersandHarvs
MickeeG @33mcguinness
Barney @CarolJowitt

Row 2
Freddie and Brian @FreddieandBrian
Merryck @MerryckDog

Row 3
Lord Percy @LordPercySays
Clyde @Clyde_E_Kitten
Oscar and Jessie @OscarandJessieG 

2013 nov 9 pic 2

 Row 1
 Kye @chelleloulou 
Mia and Manu @MiaandManu
Simon @Simonsterpug

Row 2
Gorgeous Gordon @Jayney54 
TangoMango @TangoMango9

Row 3
Angel Smokey @Smokey8 OTRB (passed away) August 29, 2013 actively flies with #TheAviators #Angels Squadron 
Thomas @ThomasATerrier
Nero @LobsterDogster

2013 nov 9 pic 3

Row 1
 SantasCat @SantasCat 
Jake @OneWhiteDog 
Willy @ cybercat919 

Row 2
Sammy @SammydaBulldog 
Dexter and Bode @woolfgirl17

Row 3
Bella @ ThePugTales
KD @ KDwoofwoof  KD went OTRB (passed away) June 4, 2014
Duffy @Duffy_TheBear 


2013 Oct 28 pic

Row 1
Rupert @RupertCat3 
Kingsley (spokesdog) and fursib crew Lewis (Yellow Lab), Xena  and Molly (both Black Labs)   @CedarWych  
Holly @WestieHolly 

Row 2
Clapton @ClaptonTerrier 
Kassi @Kassidood

Row 3
Lou Lou @DivaLouLou
Annie and Roxie @radianttabby 
Willow @RutterJulie 

2013 Oct 23 pic

Row 1
Jack @thedailylama1 
Barney @scampi1945
Pepper @PepperTheBoston 

Row 2
Miss Farley Beagle @BeagleBoySam 
Casper @ProCasper 

Row 3
Murphy @boudygirl
Jack @JackServiceDog 
Princess Pooky @lace675468  OTRB (passed away) July 7, 2014 


2013 Sept 28 pic

Row 1
Chester @Chester_da_Pug 
Cat @cafrindorrell   
Roger Dat  (lives with @DearClyde) 

Row 2
Not So @ShyBun 
Archie @Archietime1 

Row 3
Barley @oneinthere
Charlie @NaeNae_1204 
Abby (Abigail) @Abigail_U2 

2013 Sept 18 pic

Row 1
Eric @kittyerictheman
Mr Pie @Mr_Pie
Snowball Pierre @SnowballPierre 

Row 2
Toddy Furrington @ToddyFur
Marie @MarietheTabby

Row 3
Oprah @OprahtheWestie
Noodles @Noodlesthecat1
Chalky and Cuddles @chalkybear13

2013 Sept 16 pic

Row 1
Sulley @Helhawk 
Gabig  @Mumbasgabig (can no longer find on Twitter)
Kolo  @Kolo_Martin 

Row 2
Ace @AceTengfei 
KerD @KerDunkedunk

Row 3
Stelly @MissStellyBean
Jed @jedbramwell ( 2014 reported human schedule too busy to participate)
Maupi @MaupiEnCo 

2013 Sept 2 pic

Row 1
William @SheepWilliam 
Vax @WestieVax  
Boss @AlbertaBoss 

Row 2
Poe @BergsonSandra 
Bertie @MrBertster

Row 3
Yoshi @neale_yoshi
Wellington and Pickle @prickly_duo –  Wellington OTRB (passed away) July 22, 2014 – family hedgehog member Millie has recently made @prickly_duo a duo flying team once again.  
Pudding @Ms_Pud 


2013 Aug 25 pic

Row 1
Gizmo Ruston @GizmoRstn  
Rosie Rose @RosieRoseLA  
Shayna @heffsvoice 

Row 2
Mollie @MoolieLu
Mikey @caseymarie7

Row 3
Teddy Stevens @stevensted
Charlie and Lola  @jadeoglesby (could no longer find on Twitter)
Annabelle @Puppypowers4

2013 Aug 18 pic

Row 1
Rolo @RoloBearHound – Rolo went OTRB  September 11, 2013 – sisfur now tweets account, but does not fly
Pawson @PawsonFurball
Stauro @Anelle79

Row 2
Martha @MarthaBBear
Chilly @ChillyTheBear

Row 3
Bumbley @Im_A_Bumbler
Horatio @HoratioPercival (could no longer find on Twitter)
Otis @lisareed13

2013 Aug 4 pic

Row 1
Monty @Catrepeneur 
Jezebel @JezebelsLife 
FiFi Le Bon Bon (aka Clover?) @SillyRabbitsCat

Row 2
Alfie @AlfieBeardie
Yeppe @Yepsels

Row 3
Athena @CatGodessAthena
Boo Boo @BooBooBearGreen
Zipper @dacupcakekitty

2013 Aug 2 pic

Row 1
Ama  @Amadeusivan
Herman @TattleCat
Bart @CattleDogBart

Row 2
Cook @CookTheDog went OTRB January 8, 2015 – remains club active – Teddy a sweet new dog was rescued by Mom’s loving heart. 
Sir Herbert @CelpiesCorner

Row 3
Tabitha @MeowwLily 
Winston  @WinstonWhippet
Bella @samsBellabob


2013 July 29 pic

Row 1
Ashley @dog_chelsea
Tinkiebelle @DebraHall4ever2
Oscar @WonderSchnauzer

Row 2
@livvyoldcat (Twitter account deactivated)

Row 3
Ted @TourGuideTed
Charles Lance @cathound7
Princess Peia @peia_BOSterriah went OTRB (passed away) August 12, 2014 

2013 July 24 pic

Row 1
Newt @NewttheCat
Marble @marblesays
Sweeney @HessieD

Row 2
Widget @widget_the_wimp
Sebastian @TheLittle_Dude

Row 3
Pillster @PillsterCat
Rudy @Tinncat (changed his mind, but picture was already done – Rudy went OTRB October of 2014
Peyton @IAmCindyBush

2013 July 6 pic

Row 1
Emmett @Emmett_dog
Cookie @MouseFaceMeow 
Tate @jdpoohbear (Tate went to a new home, currently Tori is still flying.)

Row 2
Mr B @laura_and_Mr_B 
Blaze @BlazeTheNinja

Row 3

@NoblePopper and Popper @NoblePopper (changed their minds, but this picture was already done) 

2014 #TheAviators Group Pictures   <– Click on it to open for you in either a new window or tab.  Make new friends! 

We send LOVE! – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

@MungoFuzzy’s Small Adventure #TheAviators

#TheAviators  Mungo @MungoFuzzy gave a delightful day brightening Sunday small mini-adventure flight mission on Twitter,  May 18.  Adventures are something individual flyers are always welcome to do and as Mungo himself expressed,  “I hope other flyers will share places they know well too.”

If any #TheAviators would like to do an adventure be it large, small or mini and needs a consult or mentor, we usually look to @ToddyFur.  The large adventure ideas will need a specific club date set.  It is highly recommended to include Toddy in those plans and date scheduling,  whereas a small or mini-adventure can be done on whatever schedule  the presenter has in mind.

We are blog transcribing just the beginning of Mungo’s small mini-adventure presentation here and thank Mungo for reminding us that Adventure Missions, leading and flying them are always open to individual #TheAviators.   If you would like to see Mungo’s entire adventure presentation, we recommend you go to his profile page @MungoFuzzy  as soon as possible and review it there.


“Hello everyone… I’m Mungo and I am flying a little adventure around Wiltshire for #TheAviators”

Mungo Fuzzy 1

“My typist used to live in Wiltshire and there are many interesting places nearby. #TheAviators”

“We are starting my little adventure at RAF Lyneham,  see all these wonderful Hercules transporters? #TheAviators

Mungo Fuzzy 2

“This is Mike Foxtrot 42 asking the TWR to fly north to our first site… #TheAviators”

Mungo Fuzzy 3

“First Malmesbury Abbey – founded around 676 and by  11th Century had second largest library in Europe”

Mungo Fuzzy 4

Thank you again, Mungo! We really enjoyed following along with your ENTIRE adventure.  You did a fantastic job of  using #TheAviators hash tag in each tweet!  Thanks for sharing your adventure flying #TheAviators!

Your pals – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

Guidelines for #TheAviators Related to OTRB

#TheAviators club has hundreds of working volunteer hours behind the scenes that continue daily toward evolving the organization and flow of both the Quarterly Tribute Flights and establishing #TheAviators #Angels Squadron.  These are the club’s functions specific to passed away pets and animals known as OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge).

This blog briefing is directed to guidelines (protocols) for club members related to OTRB.

1.   As a member of #TheAviators, when you have a close pal go OTRB and you want #TheAviators #Angels to be aware of it, tweet or DM (check-in) with Squadron’s leader @MundarePeggy. In some cases, Peggy is already aware and actively  working with that impacted family and in other cases it will be newly known information.

2.   #TheAviators #Angels fly only at the request of an impacted family.  Often, behind the scenes that family is actively involved in providing information and pictures for the flight mission.  Past Twitter history revealed that otherwise (without family permissions) there were times when well-meaning, well intended friends hurt grieving families.

When #TheAviators #Angels was established this is their only criteria, a family must directly ask and/or directly give permission for the flight mission. (Even our own #TheAviators members fall within these guidelines when they have a pet pass away.)

3.   As a member of #TheAviators, it is OK to let any pals know there is #TheAviators #Angels and who the contact is @MundarePeggy. Peggy is the established squadron leader.  Peggy spent hours of time with club leadership team to bring about #TheAviators #Angels. Peggy, as leader is the one who is consistently available to work together with families, schedule and plan flights and has already given numerous volunteer hours doing just that.

4.   If you brought a close pal who has passed away forward to Peggy, resulting in a scheduled #TheAviators #Angels Flight Mission and are both interested, available, competent and confident to lead a scheduled flight – all you need to do is ask or be clear about that with Peggy early in.

Example: – ” Peggy, If pals name has a flight, I would be interested in leading it” via DM (direct message).

5.   We are asking pals to simply remember hundreds of behind the scene volunteer hours on a continuing basis go into #TheAviators and #TheAviators #Angels OTRB specific functions and flight missions. Please respect the organization and formats that have been put in place.  When it comes to the sensitivity of OTRB (passed away pets) and their families it is not advisable for individual #TheAviators flyers to arbitrarily launch their own flight missions. Be it Quarterly Missions or under #TheAviators #Angels we fly together as a group. 

These are now written common sense guidelines (protocols) for all #TheAviators club members.

If you have a comment, even an idea you think will help improve organization that is OTRB related, you are welcome to leave it in the comment section and/or contact @MundarePeggy by tweet or DM (direct message) on Twitter.

Thank you.  #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub HQ staff.

#TheAviators Graduates MAY JUNE JULY 2014

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter –  Saturday, May 3, 2014 and to those #TheAviators who may later chose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their #TheAviators license.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license. The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

SELF- STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean? On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Twitter flying license. #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  Here is the club blog post:


Here are #TheAviators latest Basic Flight School graduates:

OTTO – @Ottogingerboy new to #TheAviators July 16 turned around his self-study program and obtained his Basic Flight School License on July 30.  Otto is still planning on attending Basic Flight School instruction Twitter scheduled for August 16.   A big well done and hearty congratulations to #TheAviators Otto! 

@Ottogingerboy license July 30

MOLLY – @MollyCat7 came to #TheAviators July 13, did the self-study course and earned her Basic Flight School License on July 19.  It heartening and admirable to see these new flyers self-starting their #TheAviators way!  Well done!

 @MollyCat7 Basic License July 19

LAYLA – @KlutzycatLayla – Layla came to #TheAviators July 5 and decided to tackle the self-study the club has available.  Layla did the quiz and @ToddyFur tweeted her license July 17, 2014.  Well done!

@KlutzycatLayla July 17 license

SANDI and SHAKESPEARE – @AnnCarriere66 – again two brand new #TheAviators (announced June 29th) that are eager self starters who accomplished the self-study and achieved their Basic License on June 30th.  Well done!  We are looking forward to getting to know you. 

@AnnCarriere66 Sandi Shakspeare license.jpg-large

HAM @HamBulldog just became a brand new aviator June 24 and self-studied to receive his #TheAviators Basic Flight School license on the morning of June 25.  An incredible self-starter – Ham has already joined #TheAviators #Angels Squadron.   We are really proud of Ham (who also has a very cute English Bulldog face)! 

@Hambulldog license June 25 two

WABBIT @Burrow43 is a bright and vibrant recent #TheAviators flyer with a charming personality.  Wabbit often puts some great pictures together.   Wabbit is on #TheAviators #Angels roster flying those missions as often as available.  Wabbit is from “Austwalia” says his Twitter profile page! Wabbit achieved his Basic licence from #TheAviators self-study program.


ROGER @Rogering2  is a close relative and fly partner of #TheAviators @PillsterCat.


SANTINA @SantinaKitteh   – Santina regularly flies #TheAviators #Angels Squadron as well as other missions. Santina is currently mentoring cat sisfur Shya who has now also achieved #TheAviators Basic Flight School certification and earned her license!  Their “humom” skillfully builds awesome model airplanes.


SHYA @SantinaKitteh


LEO @CherylGigolo14 is flying #TheAviators and #TheAviators #Angels Squadron on a regular basis.  Indeed another actively flying and welcome addition to the club.


ASHLEY @dog_chelsea is an experienced long time #TheAviators who had her avatar updated complete with an airplane by making a tweet request to @ToddyFur.  Ashley lives with family in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Ashley has flown a multitude of #TheAviators Flight Missions and recently planned and lead an Adventure Mission to show us Indonesia.  Ashley attended Basic Flight School and re-earned her license featuring her now updated look.


#TheAviators brothers Lucky and Bluey had received their license previously.  Having added sisfur Honey to their family and Twitter address @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY, they all came to Basic Flight School to re-certify and have that license that includes them all.


WYNTERS @WOtterface is a beautiful girl Terrier dog named after a famous airborne man person, Major Richard Winters.


ALFRED THE GREAT @ATGBear born in 1915,  a World War I mascot bear has seen many things in his 99 years. Alfred is also a very rare bear! Spry, keen and canny, we are positive Alfred has many #TheAviators Flight Missions forthcoming.


Barney and Cooper @barney_cooper are both Tibetan breed dogs.  They are also members of #ZombieSquad on Twitter.  #TheAviators have been particularly blessed with flyers who also belong to the #ZombieSquad group.  They often use their flight machines (airplanes, helicopters) to patrol in their quest to keep the world safe from Zombies.


BARNIE @BarnieShihTzu is a member of the #ZombieSquad group on Twitter as well as #TheAviators.  Barnie has a variety of interests and we see he has just launched the hash tag #TeamUnderdog with a website to go along with it.


BO THE BEAR @BoTheBear may be a small-sized bear, however Bo has big brain power with full-time employment.  Bo is the tech, self-described “Twitter geek” for Kirby Bears @kirby_bears who specialize in making handcrafted bears.


SUNNY @cagans76 is a Husky and has a Husky fursib named Juneau. When Sunny is not flying #TheAviators,  the  Huskies love Jeep riding and camping!


Dogs FINN and POEBEARDIE @dgbu come from both cats and dogs loving home where all live together with their humans.  They certainly enjoy making new friends and having some good tweet conversation on Twitter.


PHOEBE @dog_phoebe is also a member of the #ZombieSquad group on Twitter as well as #TheAviators.  Frankly, we are astonished how many things we have in common with Phoebe.  Phoebe likes car rides, food and NOT getting wet!  We are in complete harmony on all those topics Phoebe!


FINN @FinnDogSays has had one huge and vibrant week and the week isn’t over quite yet.  May 3 – Finn got his Basic Flight School License.  May 4 – Poochie siblings reunion coming up to the first anniversary of being rescued.  May 10 – Happy Birthday Finn, ONE year old!


GOLDIE @GoldieBruin describes herself as “a little bear enjoying life on the go”  She certainly is that, she flies and is a self-starter. Goldie made sure to successfully self-study for her license  in April and then made sure to come to May’s flight school.  It’s a good thing when our new #TheAviators pals have such sweetness and great tenacity to achieve.


We never tire of saying that JENSON and ZAPPER @maxmaster31 are the only known Degus who fly #TheAviators (to this date).  We shall make it easy on you by answering the question, “What is a Degu?”    Be sure you Twitter stop by and give your Degu pals Jenson and Zapper  a happy tweet greeting.


OLIVIA @oliviackcs is a delight! Olivia has a keen interest in mechanical engineering, in part influenced by a”hudad” (human dad). OLIVIA  as does @BonniedaWestie and numerous aviators over time continues to perfect and fit their planes out with ABD and ASD (Automated Bacon Dispenser, Automated Sausage Dispenser).  We are clueless to what may happen as far as political correctness and official decorum when pig or pigs fly. That is to say when a pig becomes an official #TheAviators member.  We’ll have to hope that all parties may be able to work it out.  Right now, many flyers are enjoying the boon of bacon in the sky during many flights. Olivia has a co-pilot in Benedict the Kirby Rabbit.


ROSIE @Rosiebear90 is another lovely bear.  We greatly admire her sweater collection.  We and our own human have much in common with Rosie. Flowers, flower beds and flower gardens and a love of cakes.  Rosie is wise to stay in shape  with the weekly #keepfits exercise program on Twitter.


LISA @StuffMyPetsSay is involved in a huge variety of Twitter organizations and activities throughout the greater anipal community on Twitter.  Lisa provided us with all that information. It is located in #TheAviators Resources Page (just scroll down the page to find Lisa):  


GABBY @The_Gabby_Dog  (and “humom”) are pet columnists. They recently wrote about #TheAviators.  We are delighted to bring you a reprint with permission here at the club blog:  What @The_Gabby_Dog Said About #TheAviators.   We are very happy that Gabby made it to Basic Flight School.


BERTIE @TheBertieBear is an international traveling bear that lives between Dubai and Malibu. We are so pleased that Bertie comes and flies whenever possible and came to Basic Flight School.


MISS TTT @tiredteacherted is a “quiet one”.  We think she is a pretty sharp dresser and an avid reader!  One of those beary good opportunities to get to know a new friend and pal a little more. We are thrilled Miss TTT earned her #TheAviators license!


We were able to compile  and save some of #TheAviators history of Basic Flight School  Graduates:

#TheAviators Graduates FEB MAR APRIL 2014  

#TheAviators Graduates NOV, DEC 2013  

#TheAviators Graduates AUG 2013  

Your club leadership team (@ToddyFur, @clingycat, @3DogsWhite) thanks you for attending Basic Flight School and earning your #TheAviators license.

Happy flying with #TheAviators from your pals,

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

2014 #TheAviators Group Pictures


#TheAviators co-founder @DearClyde began to make new member(s) “newbies” group pictures during the summer of 2013.

All the group pics have now been gathered up.  We are placing all the 2014 pictures in this post.  2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures are here. (Click on the link and it will open in a new window or tab for you.)

  The latest 2014 group pictures that come in will be added to the top of this post.  Every eight new members get a group picture.   After the pic of  August 6,  2014  leadership team’s @ToddyFur will now begin to keep the new member group picture project continuing.  

#TheAviators send sincere and loving gratitude to @DearClyde for having begun the new member group pictures and having kept them going for so long. 

(Special Note:  ANY of #TheAviators that have computer technology and application skills (like graphics or other skills)  that would be interested in using them for any #TheAviators projects,  please be sure to let @ToddyFur know what your skills are.)

2014 Aug 31 New Member group

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Harvey  @Cooper68Cooper 
Pepper @PepperLilScout 

Row 2
Maisie @moosiegermandog 
Lois  @FunFlightsSD  

Row 3
Mr Coco @jutucker

2014 New Members Aug 17

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Koji  @MurphyBeagle 
Frankie @frankieVtweets 

Row 2
Rowland and Macavity @RMacavity 
Duchess  @HRHDuchessII  

Row 3
Harry Dinker 

Benji  @BenjiCoolCat
Dina @kerDunkeDina

2014 New Members Aug 5

August 6, 2014

(Picture Above)

Row 1

Ameowlia Furrhart  @AmeowliaFurrhart 
Bertie @MrBertie 

Row 2
Ramsay and Oliver @ram_olly 
Rosie  @RPeanuthead  

Row 3
Brodie @BrodieWeedug
Moby @TheMobyKeech

2014 New Members pic two Aug 3

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Sasha @clutterbeauty   – Cooper and Willow @MariaPulk  –   Benedict @BenedictRabbit  

 Row 2:  Hendrix @HendrixBT  –  Misha  @MischaMischief  

 Row 3:  Jude @JudeTheBeagle – Smooch @bravecubby21  –  TJ (left) MiaMischief (middle) and Mr. Bully (right) @BullyMiaTJ  

2014 New Members Aug 3

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Bunny @Bunny_daPug  – Beamer @ldolfie  –   Bruce @bruceisgroovy  

 Row 2:  Freddie and Charlie @donnagocat  – Claudie (Claudia), Freddie and Monty  @debsspencer1 

 Row 3:  Molly @MollyCat7 – Otto @Ottogingerboy  – Bonzo @BonzoBaggins 


2014 New Members July 7

  (Picture Above) Row 1:   Ham @HamBulldog  – Nami @4paws2paws  –  Miss Puka @pukarocks 

 Row 2:  Gresley @GresleyDragon  – Murph  @murphthedog1

 Row 3:  Sandi and Shakespeare @AnneCarriere66 – Tuxie @mk_inwa  – Layla @KlutzycatLayla


2014 24 June

  (Picture Above) Row 1:   Charlie and Angus @westiesdorset  – Moose @MooseTheSvcPit  –     Rufus @hu_jj 

 Row 2:  George @GeorgeTheTed  – Crystal  @7trekky  ( HQ apologies to Captain Crystal – she was accidentally skipped before today!)

 Row 3:  Skip and Pepper @caninesafari – Murphy @MurphyJr_00  – Snowy, Freddie and Louis  @snowycxx


2014 10 June

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Wanja @citybecamesound (went OTRB August 21, 2014 remains active status flying #TheAviators)  – Tedmund @TedmundCurtis –     Nala @DoggieCone 

 Row 2:  Timmy @timmyturtle14  – Hank  @HankInTheTank

Row 3:  Maggie and Lulu @magsandmenfol – Brownie @BrownieBunnie_xo  – Isabella @BellBells789


May 31

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Shya (sisfur) @SantinaKitteh  –                     Lady Brandon @RosamundBrandon – Finn @FinnDogsSays 

 Row 2:  Basil @BasildBee  – Henry  @henrybear2012

Row 3:  Indie @IndieBabyPup – Ninja @ninja_dogg –                                 Sam (Samantha) @Bully_Brisket

2014 Group pic Apr 27

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Wabbit  @Burrow43  – Alfred The Great @ATG Bear – Sunny @cagans76

Row 2:  Sasha  @No_Sasha_No – Bertie @TheBertieBear

Row 3:  Bo @BoTheBear –   JellyB @MyOwnShadow100
Finn and PoeBeardie @dgbu


2014 Newbies April 25

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Sean  @SeanDaSheepdog                                 Goldie @GoldieBruin  – Phoebe @dog_phoebe

Row 2:  Honey joined flying brofurs Lucky and Bluey – now @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY   and Wynters @WOtterface

Row 3: Chazz @ ChazzTheDog1  – Henry @SadieMae_and_Co –      Blue @BluetheGSD


2014 Group Pic Mar 30

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Lexi @ChowLexi                                                  Darko @DarkoCanaanMutt  – Mabel @AbleMabelthedog

Row 2:  Barney and Cooper @barney_cooper –                                     Santina @SantinaKitteh

Row 3:  Gabby @The_Gabby_Dog – Chula @GutierrezJul (went inactive status)   Billy @mollybear68 (Billy now has own acct  @billycatbrown,) 2015 edit.

2014 Mar 21 Group Pics

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Milez @Beach_luvr  – Lizzie @LizzieButtrose Olivia @oliviackcs

Row 2:  Loki @LokiDoberdog –  Stanley @StanleyForeman1

Row 3:  Bailey @DailyBailey_Dog  – Leo @CherylGigolo14 (went inactive status)   Gremlin @GremlinthePuggl 


 Group pics 8 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Livvie @gigglingr –  Spike @AngelSpike_ Dottie @DottieDalmation

Row 2: Barnie  @PwinceBarnie  – Woodford @Woodford2013

Row 3:  Zero @ZeroRice1012 – Mrs Puggelina @tina_goes_boo –
Kenzie & Troy @Kenzie_and_Troy


Group pics 7 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Frankie @FrankieBudgie (Frankie went OTRB June 8, 2014)
Baby Jo @karmaevenson –  Oliver Norman  @GeanineHarding

Row 2:  Rosie @RosieBear90 – Miss TTT  @TiredTeacherTed

Row 3: Finley @FinleyWestie – Jensen & Zapper @maxmaster31
Whitley @WhitleyWestie


Group pics 6 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:   Paddy @PattsPaddy                                       Kenny @Kennykoalabear – Cordelia @zaffycorkyollie

Row 2:   TinyTia @iundidputed (change acct names often- difficult to locate)  – Princess Maisie @MShihtzu

Row 3:  Miss Mouse @Tweet_Mouse  – Danny Boy @Danny1My Marilyn @marilynwinders


Group pics 5 of 8

 (Picture Above) Row 1:  Stanley @StanleyWestie                                     Lily @MissLilyDoodle  – Winston and Bruv @BraveWinston

Row 2:  Alfie @sjchocoholic  and  @theWelshWestie

Row 3:  Maisie & Maud @MaisieandMaude                                              Bengie @SarahAntill – Bella @Bella_Ruthie


Group pics 4 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Felix & Lily @Felix_and_Lily                      Norman @Normanisadog                                                                                           Mr. Wuhpappels aka Jasper and fursibs Quincy, Abby & Loki @Wuhpappels

Row 2:  Pete @Pete_Bear07  –  Scotty @ScottyBlueCat

Row 3:  Rosie & Riley @YorkieDoggies – Tyson @Tysonp08
StanleyBun @EllenMelonsUK


Group pics 3 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Jacky @borderbears – Willy @3NC_Jacks Brando @brando53669941

Row 2:  Tuck @ TuckTheLawDog – Fry @ HawkeyeMonet

Row 3:  Ethel Mae @EthelBulldog – Shrimpy @AZ DesertShrimp Maddie the Narwhale @Re_Re_K


Group pics 2 of 8

(Picture Above) Row 1:  Bonnie @BonniedaWestie                                          Chloe @ourChloePup  – Chester @ChesterWoof

Row 2:  Reddy @Reddy1408 – Duffy @DuffyCavoodle

Row 3:   Scarlett @CharlieBrinkle2 – Murphy @MurphyCavoodle
Merlin @MerlinsMission


Group pics 1 of 8

(Picture Above)

Row 1
Squirt @oscardismore 

Lucas  @Moon_dust19
Maddox  @MaddBoston 

Row 2
Peppa @My_Peps
Siena @echo_indigo

Row 3

 2014 Group pics - Jan 14

(Picture Above)
Row 1
Hammy @shayneshark
Angel Peggy  @MundarePeggy


Row 2
 Lucas @moon_dust19
Kippy @LittleLionKippy

Row 3
 Lisa  @StuffMyPetsSay 

Jeremy @JezzerBearJim 

Shark  @SharkShepard 

2014 Group pics - Jan 8

(Picture Above)

Row 1
Biscuit  @WestieBiscuit
Munchkin  @scully_sue
 Winston  @PushUpsnPaws 

Row 2
Seamus @MadSCWT
Sir Scamp @SirScamp

Row 3
 Lady T 
Miss Odd Sock 


We send LOVE! – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

#TheAviators First Orientation

Welcome Welcome anipal! You have “goggled up” and are now ready to Twitter fly with #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub.   Here we have tips and information to help you have a pleasant experience.

#TheAviators primary mandate is “to fly with honourable (honorable) pursuits.” #TheAviators Twitter- fly Basic Flight Schools, Advanced Flight Schools, Adventures and Tributes Missions.

#TheAviators is 100% volunteer powered.  Every #TheAviators effort you see has all been done with no compensation.   (We certainly will add that @ToddyFur has built and financially sustains out of own pocket everything it takes to have a website.)

#TheAviators only asks of you your involvement and participation in events.   Get involved with your club!  Offer guidance to other #TheAviators and come Twitter fly anytime you can!

#TheAviators current Leadership Team is @ToddyFur @3DogsWhite @clingycat, @MundarePeggy and @lucky_GSD on Twitter. Special advisors to Leadership Team are @SallyjainW and @oliviackcs.   Please be sure to be following @theaviatorsclub for news and mission updates and check the tweet page daily if you can or at least weekly.  All club announcements and events are tweeted there.  

The Aviators Club website  –   RE:  EVENTS  –  Please review this website page (the link above),  scroll down to Schedule  – – it  will show  scheduled #TheAviators event dates. 

EXPLORE  all the other tabs listed at the website so you can get to know #TheAviators better.

#TheAviators Club Blog  – USEFUL INFORMATION – Please review blog postings as much as you can.  It is our current main means of communication when there is too much information to tweet.

 You can learn many aspects of how to have more fun with #TheAviators by simply reading the blog posts even from past events. There are many useful tips you will find and can use.

OTRB Special Needs – #TheAviators #Angels is a specialty squadron designed to meet the needs of anipal accounts in the distress of having a pet/animal critically ill or about to pass away (OTRB – Over The Rainbow Bridge).  For the newly OTRB,  they can do a flight mission like a Rainbow Bridge Escort.  For a departed pet that has been passed away for a while an Honors Flypast is a lovely tribute flight.

 The main criteria is for the impacted family to ask for #TheAviators #Angels.  You can read more about this squadron here from @MundarePeggy  #TheAviators #Angels Squadron Update 

Any pilots wishing to join #TheAviators #Angels – tweet or DM (direct message) @MundarePeggy on Twitter .  Angel Peggy will see that you are added to #TheAviators #Angels roster.

OTRB – #TheAviators also fly Quarterly Tribute Missions. Each flyer prepares their own tributes and tweets them during those missions. @3DogsWhite have  a TRAINING blog which they update for each Quarterly Mission:  Flying Quarterly Tribute Mission #TheAviators 


#TheAviators Resources Page – RESOURCES – Individual flyers who wish to share their anipal websites, blogs, interests, other information are welcome to become a part of this page.  The editor, page updater and contact is @SallyjainW on Twitter.

MAKING FRIENDS –  #TheAviators as a club does not promise you new friends.  It gives you the opportunity to make and sustain your own friendships. 

Here are some Twitter tips that may be helpful to you.

Your Twitter profile –  if you are able to add #TheAviators in your profile – other club members can find you easier.

 If you are able to add  ” #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub” in your profile – Twitter tech (when properly working) of its own accord will place you in “people”.   When a search of @theaviatorsclub is made you are then associated as being close to the club account.  These are all your personal decisions to make, not  club requirements.

@3DogsWhite currently has a Twitter public list of every known #TheAviators they were able to search and find.  You can subscribe to that list on Twitter or simply follow individuals off that list according to your own personal needs:   The Aviators Members 

 2014  #TheAviators Group Pictures   

2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures 

2012 #TheAviators History (research is in process) by @3DogsWhite  #TheAviators on Twitter established (started) May of 2012. 

This Twitter search page will help you find other new members to #TheAviators and tweet them hello, perhaps opening friendship doors for you:  brand new to #TheAviators 

Welcome!  #TheAviators HQ staff along with the assistance of Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite wish you happy flying with #TheAviators 

Updated:  March 18, 2015  

#TheAviators Graduates AUG 2013

#TheAviators we are proud of you all!

Please give Toddy @ToddyFur a tweet of thanks that more #TheAviators history was located and is now preserved here at the blog.

Here are #TheAviators Graduates of August, 2013:

ALBA GRACE @AlbaGraceCat




AMADEUSIVAN @Amadeusivan – We call AMA for short!






ATHENA @CatGodessAthena


BART @CattleDogBart


SIR HERBERT @CelpiesCorner 


CHILLY @ChillytheBear


COOK @CookTheDog


DA CUPCAKE KITTY @dacupcakekitty


ASHLEY @dog_chelsea


HORATIO PERCIVAL @HoratioPercival (unable to locate, may have de-activated Twitter account)


PEYTON @IamCindyBush


BUMBLEY @Im_A_Bumbler


JEZEBEL @JezebelsLife


SUNNY @KimVanspauwen


LICKRISH @Lickrish_mancat


MORBO and KIF @livvyoldcat
(a now de-activated Twitter account)


MARIE @mariethetabby


MARTHA @MarthaBBear


MIKEY @Mikey_W_Cat


NEWT @NewttheCat


COOKIE  @MouseFaceMeow


PAWSON @PawsonFurball


PILLSTER @PillsterCat




ROLO @RoloBearHound – Rolo OTRB September 11, 2013
New sisfur Roxy and family always welcome to continue to fly #TheAviators


SMOKEY @SmokeyCat1122


SAMS BELLA BOB @samsBellabob


HERMAN @TattleCat


TED @TourGuideTed


WINSTON @WinstonWhippet


OSCAR @WonderSchnauzer


YEPPE  @Yepsels


Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual  #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license.  The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

SELF STUDY – So what does “Self Study” mean?  On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Twitter flying license.  #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  Here is the club blog post:


On behalf of #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub, Leadership Team @ToddyFur, @clingycat and us @3DogsWhite thank you for earning your Aviator Licenses and your continued participation with #TheAviators.

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

#TheAviators #Angels Squadron

#TheAviators #Angels Squadron

 #TheAviators Angels Squadron

Let us introduce a new squadron to #TheAviators and a new idea. We hope that you’ll get behind it. #TheAviators #Angels are sensitive flyers who have either gone Over The Rainbow Bridge (OTRB) or know just what furends are facing when the bridge beckons. #TheAviators #Angels are willing to fly in immediate and timely service to other anipals in distress when OTRB is close.

Many of us have had to face this most difficult time when frankly some friends and workmates just don’t understand how devastating the loss can be. We are not and will not be  “ambulance chasers”.  We want to be available on request from furends in need. #TheAviators #Angels Squadron will be a service we promote – call on us, we understand where you are because we have been here too.

ALL #TheAviators who see the #Angels Squadron out working may always take part by flying support on a mission when available and/or simply sending a tweet of loving moral support to the family and/or pet account being  escorted to Rainbow Bridge and/or an honours flight mission.  Respectful and sensitive support is the guideline for us all.   #TheAviators #Angels are available to all on Twitter. The only criteria is the affected family has to ask for them.



Listed are the first of  #TheAviators #Angels to have joined the Squadron. 

ANGEL PEGGY @MundarePeggy – #Angels Squadron Flight Leader
ANGEL REINE @Reine1Reine
ANGEL PHI @3phibotticelli
ANGEL BODE @4catsstrapski
ANGEL SQUIRT (sisfur of) @oscardismore
BILBO ANGEL BUNNEH @bilbo_the_bunny
ANGEL STEWIE and fursib MILOU @stewieandmilou
ANGEL KALIKAT and fursib TINKIEBELLE @DebraHall4ever2                ANGEL LEO @CherylGigolo14
SIENA @echo_indigo
TIA @iundidputed
DAME AGGIE @dame_agnes
COOK @CookTheDog
AMA @Amadeusivan
CRYSTAL @7trekky
MOLLY @msmollyyoda
ANNIE and ROXIE @radianttabby
SAMMY @SammydaBulldog
BENGIE @SarahAntill
BABY JO @karmaevenson
SHAYNA @ShaynaCat
MARIE @mariethetabby
EMMETT @Emmett_dog                                                                                SANTINA @SantinaKitteh                                                                                                  WABBIT @Burrow43                                                                                                 FINN and POE BEARDIE @dgbu                                                                                     FINN @FinnDogSays

MISS LUCKY @lucky_GSD consults and supports her OTRB sisfur Team Leader Captain Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy as part of the #Angels Squadron.

TODDY @ToddyFur – club leadership team flies support when available.
DAISY and TAZ @3DogsWhite club leadership team flies support when available.
JAZZ @clingycat club leadership team flies support when available.

#TheAviators ask you to congratulate your #Angels Squadron, give them your support. If you are interested in joining this squadron, please contact (tweet or DM – direct message) @MundarePeggy directly or @theaviatorsclub.

More details to follow on #TheAviators #Angels page.
Kind regards,
Toddy @ToddyFur