17 OCTOBER #TheAviators Quarterly Tribute Mission – FLYERS HOW TO

New Tribute LogoSaturday, October 17,  2015

#TheAviators  Flyers Training Blog

We ask each of  #TheAviators interested in flying Quarterly Tributes to review this entire blog.  (Time Zones and Cities Chart for time in your part of the world is below in this post.)


SATURDAY,  October 17,  2015   – Two flights #TheAviators next Tribute Missions via Twitter for pets who have passed away OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge).  Captain Jazz (Mouche) @clingycat  leads the Southern Flight Mission which flies first.  Captain Jim @SallyjainW leads the Northern Flight Mission which flies later in the day. 

Flyers Step 1:   Save the date and choose the session and time you want to fly.  

Time Zones and Cities Chartgo to the city closest to you for each session, check the time and choose your session.   All #TheAviators may fly the session that suits their personal needs best.  (Click on chart to bring up for better viewing.)

Flyer First Workshop "How to become an Aviator". @TheAviatorsClub #TheAviators

Flyers Step 2:   Prepare your personal tribute list in advance.

Who are you going to tweet tribute for this flight?

 Family pet members (from any time period who have passed away), close pals and friends? – – – ->  Simply gather their picture(s) if you have available and think about what you would like to say in your tweet or tweets. If you have no pictures, then it is fine to tweet your memories.  Remember to use #TheAviators hash tag in each tweet. Sample tribute tweets are posted at the bottom of this blog post. If you as a flyer do not have specific pet or pets to remember, our Twitter guests will always appreciate a retweet of their remembrances.  

We send a public invitation for guests to take part and join-in. 

 Remember OTRB with #TheAviators –  17 OCTOBER INVITE FOR TWITTER PUBLIC  – For people and pals who have had pets pass away at any past time they would like to tweet-in and remember during our flights.  You are welcome to refer all pals to this invitation blog post.   

Overview of a sample flight:

This is a small example (sample) flight of our part as one plane flying in  a  tribute mission.

—-> The Aviators Club  @theaviatorsclub welcomes and requests that all #TheAviators remember this is a solemn occasion and to please remember to fly and tweet with polite decorum.

—–>The Aviators Club @theaviatorsclub will introduce your Flight Team Leader.

Flight Team Leader prompts pilots into the air requesting they use their call signs while circling around #TheAviators aerodrome .

We  then tweet:

Tango Delta Whiskey 33 – TDW33 – Captains Taz and Daisy – present for #TheAviators Tribute Mission (picture link)

3DogsWhite Avatar

Poem and Prayer followed by Missing Man (Friend) Formation  happens,  then Flight Team Leader requests all #TheAviators  to call who they are flying for this flight.

We tweet:

TDW33 flies for all the OTRB departed in loving memory of our brother Captain Buddy #TheAviators (picture link)

Captain Buddy In Memoriam

TDW33 then begins tweeting tribute tweets of anipals departed OTRB that we actually know and/or have been specifically asked to remember.

Flight Team Leader calls for tributes tweet from families, friends, guests that have pets departed OTRB  that they would like to remember.

This is OPEN PROGRAM time.  Pals, families, friends, guests can begin tweeting  using the hash tag – #TheAviators  – all aviators (including us) continue our own tribute tweets during OPEN PROGRAM time.

Based on our own personal account Twitter history – we know if properly spaced (about two minutes apart) Twitter allows us 20 tweets maximum in the one hour program time without being timed out by Twitter (known as Twitter jail) or even suspended.  As part of our total tweet count, we will include tweets of things that are meaningful to us: 

 Tweet examples:

A Message From The Bridge by Daffy’s late mom Ingrid  – May it bring comfort to hurting hearts #TheAviators  (picture link)

A Message From The Bridge

For the animals sent OTRB for lack of adoption or home, #TheAviators remember you with great love. (picture link)

Open Heart Pink Sky

Flight Team Leader then calls tributes for those not named and alone and begins mission closing.

Flight Team Leader begins to prompt for all flyers to return to base and land upon completion of their tweets and gather in #TheAviators Lounge.    This begins the time for aviators to unwind and visit.  Pals and guests are also welcome to join us.

We tweet 

Roger, copy that Flight Team Leader – TDW33 returning to base. It’s been our privilege to remember the OTRB during this #TheAviators flight.

Flight Team Leader closes the Tribute Mission Program.

Sample Tribute Tweets – Some of you have graphic applications and skills.  Those that do are always welcome to create for the tribute tweets you are doing. 

BUDDY, beloved brother to Daisy and Taz @ – Buddy OTRB June 29, 2013 –  remember with love. (picture link)

Buddy beloved

PALNAME went OTRB (date here), beloved of @rightacctname  –  remember with love!  (picture link)

Rainbow Fields

BUDDY – you were always the best “Santa Paws” ever –  goofy, happy and fun! #TheAviators (picture link)

Buddy Santa

BUDDY, we remember a can of beer on coffee or end tables was never safe from you! Brother you made us all laugh so much!   (memory with no picture link)

From  for every hurting heart grieving the loss of a pet passed away…  (picture link)

Our Thoughts Are With You

(#TheAviators :  We use our own brother Captain Buddy at the Rainbow Bridge for many of our examples because Buddy as a willing helper to us will not hurt the heart of someone who may still be grieving their own pet.)


TRIBUTE TAB #TheAviators Website – gives you the mission timing from mission start through end of program. One can also schedule tweets if necessary (especially helpful when one is not available to fly on mission day, but have pals they want to remember).   #TheAviators Tribute Tab at the website is available to help you.   There is a tribute example and a specific  tutorial on how to use the Twuffer application if you need to schedule tweets in advance for this mission.  

Tribute Mission Flight Tips – 17  OCTOBER  #TheAviators  is to help you Twitter fly this mission.

 Remember OTRB with #TheAviators –  17 OCTOBER INVITE FOR TWITTER PUBLIC 

New Tribute Logo

Thank you @fraggleart  (Dawn Thomas) on Twitter for #TheAviators Tribute Mission patch for #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub on Twitter.  Any #TheAviators members who wants to use this patch in art work (pictures) for the club quarterly tribute flights has permission to do so.

Place your questions in the comments – we will follow-up on them  as immediately as possible.

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

10 thoughts on “17 OCTOBER #TheAviators Quarterly Tribute Mission – FLYERS HOW TO”

  1. That’s really good hwork 3 Dogs White, it’s clear concise and to the point. Thank you my friends

  2. Its so worth having Tribute Flights. It let’s those that may be suffering that we are there for them.Hopefully someone will be there for us.

  3. Great job with this post. Looking forward to participating in this quarterly tribute mission. If needed, I’m available to assist with any tweets on that day. #Hugs

  4. Thank you , this is such a resourceful blog that helps #TheAviators and always a gentle reminder of why we fly . Thank you for your hard work as ever siena xx

  5. Fantastic work. Thank you so much, guys. Been a while since I flew a proper mission. I’m looking forward to paying tribute to our friends next month. Thank you for helping make it possible for me to do that:)

  6. Thank you for this reminder. It is very concise and a reminder of why we are doing this. We haven’t been able to fly for a while and will be there for this mission.

    May we mention a remembrance for the 43 dogs lost in the
    Manchester UK dogs home fire who didn’t have a sofa or a forever home of their own

    1. Yes, I think #TheAviators tribute flight is a most appropriate place to show our respect for the dogs lost in the Manchester Dogs Home fire.

  7. Thank you. This is so thorough. My hu mom is a little dense, and can’ t remember where she put my avi and my plane info and call numbers. I, Livvie apologize for her. I still haven’t flown a mission, but weely want to. Please advise. Maybe she can just look in our archive. Then she gunna keep twack of it. I haf three bridge sisfur’s to pay tribute to.

    Livvie @gigglingr

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