Guidelines for #TheAviators Related to OTRB

#TheAviators club has hundreds of working volunteer hours behind the scenes that continue daily toward evolving the organization and flow of both the Quarterly Tribute Flights and establishing #TheAviators #Angels Squadron.  These are the club’s functions specific to passed away pets and animals known as OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge).

This blog briefing is directed to guidelines (protocols) for club members related to OTRB.

1.   As a member of #TheAviators, when you have a close pal go OTRB and you want #TheAviators #Angels to be aware of it, tweet or DM (check-in) with Squadron’s leader @MundarePeggy. In some cases, Peggy is already aware and actively  working with that impacted family and in other cases it will be newly known information.

2.   #TheAviators #Angels fly only at the request of an impacted family.  Often, behind the scenes that family is actively involved in providing information and pictures for the flight mission.  Past Twitter history revealed that otherwise (without family permissions) there were times when well-meaning, well intended friends hurt grieving families.

When #TheAviators #Angels was established this is their only criteria, a family must directly ask and/or directly give permission for the flight mission. (Even our own #TheAviators members fall within these guidelines when they have a pet pass away.)

3.   As a member of #TheAviators, it is OK to let any pals know there is #TheAviators #Angels and who the contact is @MundarePeggy. Peggy is the established squadron leader.  Peggy spent hours of time with club leadership team to bring about #TheAviators #Angels. Peggy, as leader is the one who is consistently available to work together with families, schedule and plan flights and has already given numerous volunteer hours doing just that.

4.   If you brought a close pal who has passed away forward to Peggy, resulting in a scheduled #TheAviators #Angels Flight Mission and are both interested, available, competent and confident to lead a scheduled flight – all you need to do is ask or be clear about that with Peggy early in.

Example: – ” Peggy, If pals name has a flight, I would be interested in leading it” via DM (direct message).

5.   We are asking pals to simply remember hundreds of behind the scene volunteer hours on a continuing basis go into #TheAviators and #TheAviators #Angels OTRB specific functions and flight missions. Please respect the organization and formats that have been put in place.  When it comes to the sensitivity of OTRB (passed away pets) and their families it is not advisable for individual #TheAviators flyers to arbitrarily launch their own flight missions. Be it Quarterly Missions or under #TheAviators #Angels we fly together as a group. 

These are now written common sense guidelines (protocols) for all #TheAviators club members.

If you have a comment, even an idea you think will help improve organization that is OTRB related, you are welcome to leave it in the comment section and/or contact @MundarePeggy by tweet or DM (direct message) on Twitter.

Thank you.  #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub HQ staff.

13 thoughts on “Guidelines for #TheAviators Related to OTRB”

  1. Thank you! I think this pawfect. It is laid out in an understandable way and put no pressure on anyone. Totally understand reasons behind this I don’t think any of us want to cause more pain for the families. What you do is wonderful.

    1. Thank you for the comment and input. We will be placing an update featuring this link as an important “must read, please” into #TheAviators First Orientation for new flyers. HQ Staff

  2. Good work Peggy, all of us, even those that are new to the Aviators should know what to do in the event of an OTRB. Perhaps when someone agrees to be an #Aviator and are goggled they should be issued with this protocol and asked to read. And confirm that they have! It will ensure that all will know what the procedure is. I didn’t when I first became an Aviator and in the rush of emotion and lack of experience you could be swept away!

    1. As an #Angel#TheAviators this is a very relevant post ,#Angel Escort missions are so sensitive and to help family’s grieve and a lovely way to gently guide to The Bridge. Respect always for little ones passed and miss peggy @MundarePeggy for time given organising #Angels

    2. Thank you for the comment and input. We will be placing an update featuring this link as an important “must read, please” into #TheAviators First Orientation for new flyers. HQ Staff

  3. I agree with others, hhaving laid out like this makes it easier. Also agree with Sallyjain, maybe give this out when pals become Aviators.

    1. Thank you for the comment and input. We will be placing an update featuring this link as an important “must read, please” into #TheAviators First Orientation for new flyers. HQ Staff

  4. Thank you to@Mundare Peggy, #the Aviators #Angels ; all those who work tirelessly to provide support to those grieving loss of beloved pets . At times it is a pet’s human who as passed #OTRB. These guidelines will help all of us through a difficult grieving process.

  5. Pawsome *reading memo from HQ* Yes, all #theAviators should have a copy of this – gives us direction, no confusion with the protocol *takes a copy & pins to #theAviators lounge noticeboard*

  6. Very useful guidelines indeed, & definitely should form part of #TheAviators #Angels training – we need to do all we can to be sensitive to the feelings of the families. Thank you for the excellent information :-)

  7. Fanks bery much for spelling all dis out.

    Eben sumtimes wif efurryone’s hearts bein in da right place, it’s prolly easy to forget sumfing or to get tripped up when we’re tryin to comfort a pal’s fambly, espeshulky if we be so sad bout it.

    It’s good to be specific bout dese fings.

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