How To Self Study For Basic Flight School License #TheAviators

 @lucky_GSD Miss Lucky

 Captain Miss Lucky is one of #TheAviators noted Self-Study graduates.  After completing self-study Miss Lucky has gone on to participate  in  many Tribute missions while specializing in Adventure ideas and leading those missions.  Miss Lucky is an Ambassador for #TheAviators to many pet related groups that have regular twitter meetings such as #k9hour.  

Miss Lucky supports sisfur Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy who captains #TheAviators #Angels Squadron.  Both Miss Lucky and sisfur Angel Peggy are now members of #TheAviators Leadership Team.   Miss Lucky has attended Basic Flight School sessions since obtaining her self-study license as both a participating flyer and a wingpal” (helper to new flyers).

BASIC FLIGHT SCHOOL – #TheAviators offer two sessions of Basic Flight School via Twitter on a quarterly basis.  The next Basic Flight School sessions are scheduled Saturday, November 1,  2014.   You can find all that information post pinned at top of #TheAviators blog. 

 While all #TheAviators are welcome to come and Twitter fly any scheduled mission with or without having a license, earning that Basic Flight School license is a very special achievement that we as a club are proud to offer our members.

SELF STUDY – So what does “Self Study” mean? On occasion(s) some  of #TheAviators  did not get to Basic Flight School due to humans schedules, the availability of devices (like having to share devices with others in the family), the timing of when during the quarter they joined #TheAviators, and various other reasons.

Some of these #TheAviators  want that license  and Basic Flight School is Twitter taught only on that quarterly basis.  #TheAviators has this way to self-study for the Basic Flight School license.


1.  Tweet @ToddyFur on Twitter, that you plan to self-study.

2.  Go to this link on #TheAviators Website:

3.  Read the directions  and  review all the Basic Flight School slides (pictures). They are all at that link.

4.  The quiz is the last slide picture.  READ THE DIRECTIONS on how to format your quiz answers and send them DM (direct message) to @ToddyFur.  

5.  Upon completion, @ToddyFur will then create and tweet you your Basic #TheAviators license.

6.   Make sure we @3DogsWhite know of your newly earned license so we may proudly add you to #TheAviators Graduates blog for that quarter. 

Happy flying with #TheAviators!  Your pals Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

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