@MungoFuzzy’s Small Adventure #TheAviators

#TheAviators  Mungo @MungoFuzzy gave a delightful day brightening Sunday small mini-adventure flight mission on Twitter,  May 18.  Adventures are something individual flyers are always welcome to do and as Mungo himself expressed,  “I hope other flyers will share places they know well too.”

If any #TheAviators would like to do an adventure be it large, small or mini and needs a consult or mentor, we usually look to @ToddyFur.  The large adventure ideas will need a specific club date set.  It is highly recommended to include Toddy in those plans and date scheduling,  whereas a small or mini-adventure can be done on whatever schedule  the presenter has in mind.

We are blog transcribing just the beginning of Mungo’s small mini-adventure presentation here and thank Mungo for reminding us that Adventure Missions, leading and flying them are always open to individual #TheAviators.   If you would like to see Mungo’s entire adventure presentation, we recommend you go to his profile page @MungoFuzzy  as soon as possible and review it there.


“Hello everyone… I’m Mungo and I am flying a little adventure around Wiltshire for #TheAviators”

Mungo Fuzzy 1

“My typist used to live in Wiltshire and there are many interesting places nearby. #TheAviators”

“We are starting my little adventure at RAF Lyneham,  see all these wonderful Hercules transporters? #TheAviators

Mungo Fuzzy 2

“This is Mike Foxtrot 42 asking the TWR to fly north to our first site… #TheAviators”

Mungo Fuzzy 3

“First Malmesbury Abbey – founded around 676 and by  11th Century had second largest library in Europe”

Mungo Fuzzy 4

Thank you again, Mungo! We really enjoyed following along with your ENTIRE adventure.  You did a fantastic job of  using #TheAviators hash tag in each tweet!  Thanks for sharing your adventure flying #TheAviators!

Your pals – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

3 thoughts on “@MungoFuzzy’s Small Adventure #TheAviators”

  1. Staff went to @MungoFuzzy’s tweet page and viewed the complete adventure. Very nice. We wanted to remind any #TheAviators that do fly their own small adventure: if you let the club account know you are flying and want us to tweet so your flying pals know, give us some “heads up” tweet in advance. Staff is happy to help you out whenever we possibly can.

  2. Just took this little adventure flight and loved it!! Beautiful pics and a great idea! Might be helpful also for new fliers to get a feel for a flight minus all the “chatter” that we generate during adventure missions. :-) Great job MungoFuzzy and thanks!!

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