#TheAviators #Angels Squadron

#TheAviators #Angels Squadron

 #TheAviators Angels Squadron

Let us introduce a new squadron to #TheAviators and a new idea. We hope that you’ll get behind it. #TheAviators #Angels are sensitive flyers who have either gone Over The Rainbow Bridge (OTRB) or know just what furends are facing when the bridge beckons. #TheAviators #Angels are willing to fly in immediate and timely service to other anipals in distress when OTRB is close.

Many of us have had to face this most difficult time when frankly some friends and workmates just don’t understand how devastating the loss can be. We are not and will not be  “ambulance chasers”.  We want to be available on request from furends in need. #TheAviators #Angels Squadron will be a service we promote – call on us, we understand where you are because we have been here too.

ALL #TheAviators who see the #Angels Squadron out working may always take part by flying support on a mission when available and/or simply sending a tweet of loving moral support to the family and/or pet account being  escorted to Rainbow Bridge and/or an honours flight mission.  Respectful and sensitive support is the guideline for us all.   #TheAviators #Angels are available to all on Twitter. The only criteria is the affected family has to ask for them.



Listed are the first of  #TheAviators #Angels to have joined the Squadron. 

ANGEL PEGGY @MundarePeggy – #Angels Squadron Flight Leader
ANGEL REINE @Reine1Reine
ANGEL PHI @3phibotticelli
ANGEL BODE @4catsstrapski
ANGEL SQUIRT (sisfur of) @oscardismore
BILBO ANGEL BUNNEH @bilbo_the_bunny
ANGEL STEWIE and fursib MILOU @stewieandmilou
ANGEL KALIKAT and fursib TINKIEBELLE @DebraHall4ever2                ANGEL LEO @CherylGigolo14
SIENA @echo_indigo
TIA @iundidputed
DAME AGGIE @dame_agnes
COOK @CookTheDog
AMA @Amadeusivan
CRYSTAL @7trekky
MOLLY @msmollyyoda
ANNIE and ROXIE @radianttabby
SAMMY @SammydaBulldog
BENGIE @SarahAntill
BABY JO @karmaevenson
SHAYNA @ShaynaCat
MARIE @mariethetabby
EMMETT @Emmett_dog                                                                                SANTINA @SantinaKitteh                                                                                                  WABBIT @Burrow43                                                                                                 FINN and POE BEARDIE @dgbu                                                                                     FINN @FinnDogSays

MISS LUCKY @lucky_GSD consults and supports her OTRB sisfur Team Leader Captain Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy as part of the #Angels Squadron.

TODDY @ToddyFur – club leadership team flies support when available.
DAISY and TAZ @3DogsWhite club leadership team flies support when available.
JAZZ @clingycat club leadership team flies support when available.

#TheAviators ask you to congratulate your #Angels Squadron, give them your support. If you are interested in joining this squadron, please contact (tweet or DM – direct message) @MundarePeggy directly or @theaviatorsclub.

More details to follow on #TheAviators #Angels page.
Kind regards,
Toddy @ToddyFur

17 thoughts on “#TheAviators #Angels Squadron”

  1. This is a wonderful thing to do. Just to know that you can turn somewhere for some understanding & support will be a great comfort to all of us. Thanks #Theaviators #Angels Squadron

  2. Dat most pawsomest idea and bootiful tribute to our beloved pals and for them to help and support another hurting friend. Thank you to you Toddy for evwe fing you do for #TheAviators #AngelSquadron
    See you in da air. ~Willy

  3. I think this is a great idea and wish I would have known about it when I lost, Koda, my Husky, in Nov. She was a rescue and I was heartbroken. think she rescued me. Anyway would love to join if possible. Please send me information.

    1. If you want more info on joining #TheAviators and #TheAviators #Angels please contact @Theaviatorsclub or @MundarePeggy on Twitter

  4. This is an area close to my heart. I am still grieving the loss of my radiant tabby Oliver. It would have been nice to have a special event to honor him & others at this time. Annie & Roxie have flown once with the#Angels Squadron & it was wonderful. Thanks to #TheAviators.

  5. This is wonderful. I have seen the #Angels fly several times & now I know how to use or offer the service to others. Thank you for this.

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