#TheAviators First Orientation

Welcome Welcome anipal! You have “goggled up” and are now ready to Twitter fly with #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub.   Here we have tips and information to help you have a pleasant experience.

#TheAviators primary mandate is “to fly with honourable (honorable) pursuits.” #TheAviators Twitter- fly Basic Flight Schools, Advanced Flight Schools, Adventures and Tributes Missions.

#TheAviators is 100% volunteer powered.  Every #TheAviators effort you see has all been done with no compensation.   (We certainly will add that @ToddyFur has built and financially sustains out of own pocket everything it takes to have a website.)

#TheAviators only asks of you your involvement and participation in events.   Get involved with your club!  Offer guidance to other #TheAviators and come Twitter fly anytime you can!

#TheAviators current Leadership Team is @ToddyFur @3DogsWhite @clingycat, @MundarePeggy and @lucky_GSD on Twitter. Special advisors to Leadership Team are @SallyjainW and @oliviackcs.   Please be sure to be following @theaviatorsclub for news and mission updates and check the tweet page daily if you can or at least weekly.  All club announcements and events are tweeted there.  

The Aviators Club website  –   RE:  EVENTS  –  Please review this website page (the link above),  scroll down to Schedule  – – it  will show  scheduled #TheAviators event dates. 

EXPLORE  all the other tabs listed at the website so you can get to know #TheAviators better.

#TheAviators Club Blog  – USEFUL INFORMATION – Please review blog postings as much as you can.  It is our current main means of communication when there is too much information to tweet.

 You can learn many aspects of how to have more fun with #TheAviators by simply reading the blog posts even from past events. There are many useful tips you will find and can use.

OTRB Special Needs – #TheAviators #Angels is a specialty squadron designed to meet the needs of anipal accounts in the distress of having a pet/animal critically ill or about to pass away (OTRB – Over The Rainbow Bridge).  For the newly OTRB,  they can do a flight mission like a Rainbow Bridge Escort.  For a departed pet that has been passed away for a while an Honors Flypast is a lovely tribute flight.

 The main criteria is for the impacted family to ask for #TheAviators #Angels.  You can read more about this squadron here from @MundarePeggy  #TheAviators #Angels Squadron Update 

Any pilots wishing to join #TheAviators #Angels – tweet or DM (direct message) @MundarePeggy on Twitter .  Angel Peggy will see that you are added to #TheAviators #Angels roster.

OTRB – #TheAviators also fly Quarterly Tribute Missions. Each flyer prepares their own tributes and tweets them during those missions. @3DogsWhite have  a TRAINING blog which they update for each Quarterly Mission:  Flying Quarterly Tribute Mission #TheAviators 


#TheAviators Resources Page – RESOURCES – Individual flyers who wish to share their anipal websites, blogs, interests, other information are welcome to become a part of this page.  The editor, page updater and contact is @SallyjainW on Twitter.

MAKING FRIENDS –  #TheAviators as a club does not promise you new friends.  It gives you the opportunity to make and sustain your own friendships. 

Here are some Twitter tips that may be helpful to you.

Your Twitter profile –  if you are able to add #TheAviators in your profile – other club members can find you easier.

 If you are able to add  ” #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub” in your profile – Twitter tech (when properly working) of its own accord will place you in “people”.   When a search of @theaviatorsclub is made you are then associated as being close to the club account.  These are all your personal decisions to make, not  club requirements.

@3DogsWhite currently has a Twitter public list of every known #TheAviators they were able to search and find.  You can subscribe to that list on Twitter or simply follow individuals off that list according to your own personal needs:   The Aviators Members 

 2014  #TheAviators Group Pictures   

2013 #TheAviators Group Pictures 

2012 #TheAviators History (research is in process) by @3DogsWhite  #TheAviators on Twitter established (started) May of 2012. 

This Twitter search page will help you find other new members to #TheAviators and tweet them hello, perhaps opening friendship doors for you:  brand new to #TheAviators 

Welcome!  #TheAviators HQ staff along with the assistance of Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite wish you happy flying with #TheAviators 

Updated:  March 18, 2015  

21 thoughts on “#TheAviators First Orientation”

  1. I think this is wonderful. Kudos to @ToddyFur for the financing for the Web page and to @3DogsWhite & @clingycat. It is helpful to havea way too know what is going on & to find other members of #TheAviators.

  2. Thank you for the goggled pictures, you make all members feel special! I have found the orientation page very useful and informative.

  3. Thank you so much for all the information. What a wonderful group to belong to! We can’t wait for our first flight.

  4. Found it very helpful as a newbie , thank you for all the work that is done so all anipals can have fun and meet new friends . Looking forward to sept 20th adventure flight

  5. Thank you for the goggled pictures, you make all members feel special! I have found the orientation page very useful and informative. Looking forward to okt 25th adventure flight…

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