#TheAviators Graduates AUG SEPT OCT 2014

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter – Saturday, August 16,  2014 and to those #TheAviators who have chosen and will choose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their Basic #TheAviators Twitter flying license this quarter.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license. ALL #TheAviators, please feel welcome and come fly for a refresher, to coach and/or mentor new flyers or simply enjoy a #TheAviators flight.  The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

(Special Note: Any of #TheAviators may come and Twitter-fly at any time with or without having a Basic License.  The license is an achievement we as a club are very proud to offer you to earn.)

SELF- STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean? On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Basic Twitter flying license. #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  That club blog post follows. Clicking on it will bring up the page in a new window or tab. 


Here are our latest #TheAviators Basic License Graduates:

BERNARD @BernardsBark Oct 10 self-study

@BernardsBark Oct 10

LIVVIE @gigglingr – self study Oct 3

@gigglingr Livvie Basic License Oct 3

 CHARLIE @charlieclaws – self study Sept 7

@Charlieclaws Basic Sept 7

MIA and MANU @MiaandManu – self study Sept 6

@MiaandManu Basic Sept 6

AMEOWLIA FURHART @AmeowliaFurhart – self study Sept 4

@AmeowliaFurhart Basic Sept 4

TIGER @TigerNoStripes  Aug 27 self-study

@TigerNoStripes Tiger Basic Aug 27

MISS MAISIE  @moosiegermandog August 27 by self-studying    

@moosiegermandog Maisie Basic  Aug 27

STAMFORD @BlondieStam  self-studying  Aug 27

@BlondieStam Stamford Basic Aug 27

LUCKY  @Deadlysecret007 self-study Aug 26

@Deadlysecret007 Lucky Basic Aug 25

HARVEY @Cooper68Cooper self-study Aug 25

@Cooper68Cooper Harvey Basic Aug 25

MR COCO @jutucker self -study Aug 24

@jutucker Mr Coco Basic Aug 24

 MOLLY MOO @DoggyMolly self study Aug 23

@DoggyMolly Molly Moo Basic Aug 23

BENJI @BenjiCoolCat   August 23 self-study

@BenjiCoolCat  Benji Aug 23

BRODIE @BrodieWeedug  August 16

@BrodieWeedug Brodie Basic Aug 16

BUNNY @Bunny_daPug  August 16

@Bunny_daPug Bunny Basic Aug 16

WANJA @citybecamesound attained Basic License August  20 – before going OTRB – still active from the Rainbow Bridge and has two new cat brofurs @SammyFelino who also fly #TheAviators 

@citybecamesound Wanja Aug 20

CLAUDIE (CLAUDIA), FREDDIE and MONTY @debsspencer1  August 16

@debsspencer1 Claudie Freddie Monty Basic  Aug 16

ROWLAND and MACAVITY  cat brofurs @RMacavity August 16. Macavity went OTRB but remains active flyer from the Rainbow Bridge. 

@DENISEGREY @RMacavity Rowland Macavity Basic Aug 16

CHARLIE and FREDDIE @donnagocat  August 16.

@donnagocat Charlie Freddie Basic Aug 16

FRANKIE @frankieVtweets August 16 

@frankievtweets Frankie Basic Aug 16

PEA @gabbygecko August 16 

@gabbygecko Pea Basic Aug 16

HENDRIX @HendrixBT August 16 

@HendrixBT Hendrix Basic Aug 16

DUCHESS @HRHDuchessII August 16

@HRHDuchessll Duchess Basic Aug 16

LUKA  @I_Am_Luka  August 16 

@I_Am_Luka Luka Basic Aug 16

MISHA @MishaMischief August 16

@MishaMischief Misha Basic Aug 16

TUXIE @mk_inwa August 16

@mk_inwa Tuxie Basic Aug 16

MOOSE @MooseTheSvcPit  August 16

@MooseTheSvcPit Moose Basic Aug 16

KOJI @MurphyBeagle August 16

@MurphyBeagle Koji  Basic Aug 16

MURPHY @MurphyJr_00 August 12 self-study

@MurphyJr_00 Murph Basic Aug 12

ORAN @OranDeKat  August 5 self-study 

@OranDekat  Oran Basic  Aug 5

PEPPER @PepperLilScout  August 16

@PepperLilScout Pepper Basic Aug 16


@PRPLWYCH Purple Basic Aug 16

RAMSAY and OLIVER @ram_olly   August 6 self-study 

@ram_olly Ramsay Oliver Basic Aug 6th

MOBY @TheMobyKeech August 16

@TheMobyKeech Moby Basic Aug 16

HARRY @UncleArry August 16

@UncleArry Harry Dinker Basic Aug 16

CHLOE @ZenMasterChlo August 23 self-study 

@ZenMasterChlo Chloe Aug 23

 Where other #TheAviators Graduates we were able to collect are found here at the blog listed below.  Click on and it will bring up a page in a new window or tab. 

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 Happy flying with #TheAviators – Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite 


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  1. Rowland and Macavity are very proud to be part of this special group, the Aviators spport and love was so appreciated by their mum when Macavity went OTRB.

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