#TheAviators Graduates FEB MAR APRIL 2014

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators  graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter Saturday, February 1, 2014 and to those #TheAviators who later chose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their #TheAviators license.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual  #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license.  The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

SELF-STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean?  On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Twitter flying license.  #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  Here is the club blog post:


Here are #TheAviators latest Basic Flight School graduates:


@GoldieBruin Apr 4 2014

ZERO @ZeroRice1012

@ZeroRice1012 Mar 29 2014

MABEL @AbleMabelthedog

@AbleMabelthedog March 25 2014

LEXI @ChowLexi

@ChowLexi March 24 2014

FELIX and LILY @Felix_and_Lily

@Felix_and_Lily March 1 2014

LILY @MeowwLily

@MeowwLily March 1 2014

BABY JO @karmaevenson

@karmaevenson March 2 2014

OLIVER NORMAN @GeanineHarding

@GeanineHarding Oliver Norman Feb 27 2014

MISS LILY @MissLilyDoodle

@MissLilyDoodle Feb 22 2014

DANNY @ILuvsScarlet

@ILuvsScarlet Danny FEB 20

BENGIE @SarahAntill

@SarahAntill Bengie Feb 15 2014

BELLA RUTHIE @Bella_Ruthie

@Bella_Ruthie Feb 13 2014

WILLY @3NC_Jacks

@3NC_Jacks Willy

CRYSTAL @7trekky

@7trekky Crystal

BONNIE @BonniedaWestie


JACKY @borderbears (Jacky is a boy)

@borderbears Jacky

BARNEY @CarolJowitt

@CarolJowitt Barney

SCARLETT @CharlieBrinkle2

@CharlieBrinkle2 Scarlett

CHESTER @ChesterWoof


DUFFY @Duffy_theBear


SIENA @echo_indigo

@echo_indigo Siena

ETHEL MAE @EthelBulldog


FRY @HawkeyeMonet

@HawkeyeMonet Fry

SULLEY @Helhawk

@Helhawk Sulley

HARLEY @HonorUSA1211


JEREMY @JezzerBear

@JezzerBear Jeremy




@MadSCWT Seamus

MERLIN @MerlinsMission


LUCAS @moon_dust19

@moon_dust19 Lucas

ANGEL PEGGY @MundarePeggy

@MundarePeggy Angel Peggy

PEPPA @my_peps


CHARLIE @NaeNae_1204

@NaeNae_1204 Charlie

NORMAN @Normanisadog


ODD SOCK (is a girl) @OddSockTOWG


SQUIRT (OTRB sisfur) @oscardismore

@oscardismore Squirt

CHLOE @OurChloePup

@OurChloePup Chloe

PEPPER @PepperTheBoston


REDDY @reddy1408


SCOTTY @ScottyUgoBlue

@ScottyUgoBlue Scotty

MUNCHKIN @scully_sue

@scully_sue Munchkin

WILLIAM @SheepWilliam (Feb 3, 2014)




STANLEY @Stanleywestie


FRED @summerstormsum

@summerstormsum Fred

LADY T @TraceyH33

@TraceyH33 Lady T

TUCK @TuckTheLawDog


TYSON @Tysonp08


BISCUIT @WestieBiscuit


MR. WUHPAPPELS @Wuhpappels (aka JASPER) and fur siblings QUINCY, ABBY and LOKI

@Wuhpappels Jasper Quincy Abby Loki

We have blogged on behalf of The Aviators Club (@theaviatorsclub) and your current #TheAviators leadership team which includes us, @ToddyFur and @clingycat – we all thank you for attending and graduating Basic Flight School.

-Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

3 thoughts on “#TheAviators Graduates FEB MAR APRIL 2014”

  1. Am so proud of all our new pilots!!! it is always such fun to conduct these lessons & meet new furriends too!!! xoxoxo

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