#TheAviators Graduates MAY JUNE JULY 2014

Congratulations and well done to #TheAviators graduates of Basic Flight School held in two sessions on Twitter –  Saturday, May 3, 2014 and to those #TheAviators who may later chose to self- study the Basic Flight School slides and complete the quiz to earn their #TheAviators license.

Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license. The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

SELF- STUDY – So what does “Self-Study” mean? On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Twitter flying license. #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  Here is the club blog post:


Here are #TheAviators latest Basic Flight School graduates:

OTTO – @Ottogingerboy new to #TheAviators July 16 turned around his self-study program and obtained his Basic Flight School License on July 30.  Otto is still planning on attending Basic Flight School instruction Twitter scheduled for August 16.   A big well done and hearty congratulations to #TheAviators Otto! 

@Ottogingerboy license July 30

MOLLY – @MollyCat7 came to #TheAviators July 13, did the self-study course and earned her Basic Flight School License on July 19.  It heartening and admirable to see these new flyers self-starting their #TheAviators way!  Well done!

 @MollyCat7 Basic License July 19

LAYLA – @KlutzycatLayla – Layla came to #TheAviators July 5 and decided to tackle the self-study the club has available.  Layla did the quiz and @ToddyFur tweeted her license July 17, 2014.  Well done!

@KlutzycatLayla July 17 license

SANDI and SHAKESPEARE – @AnnCarriere66 – again two brand new #TheAviators (announced June 29th) that are eager self starters who accomplished the self-study and achieved their Basic License on June 30th.  Well done!  We are looking forward to getting to know you. 

@AnnCarriere66 Sandi Shakspeare license.jpg-large

HAM @HamBulldog just became a brand new aviator June 24 and self-studied to receive his #TheAviators Basic Flight School license on the morning of June 25.  An incredible self-starter – Ham has already joined #TheAviators #Angels Squadron.   We are really proud of Ham (who also has a very cute English Bulldog face)! 

@Hambulldog license June 25 two

WABBIT @Burrow43 is a bright and vibrant recent #TheAviators flyer with a charming personality.  Wabbit often puts some great pictures together.   Wabbit is on #TheAviators #Angels roster flying those missions as often as available.  Wabbit is from “Austwalia” says his Twitter profile page! Wabbit achieved his Basic licence from #TheAviators self-study program.


ROGER @Rogering2  is a close relative and fly partner of #TheAviators @PillsterCat.


SANTINA @SantinaKitteh   – Santina regularly flies #TheAviators #Angels Squadron as well as other missions. Santina is currently mentoring cat sisfur Shya who has now also achieved #TheAviators Basic Flight School certification and earned her license!  Their “humom” skillfully builds awesome model airplanes.


SHYA @SantinaKitteh


LEO @CherylGigolo14 is flying #TheAviators and #TheAviators #Angels Squadron on a regular basis.  Indeed another actively flying and welcome addition to the club.


ASHLEY @dog_chelsea is an experienced long time #TheAviators who had her avatar updated complete with an airplane by making a tweet request to @ToddyFur.  Ashley lives with family in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Ashley has flown a multitude of #TheAviators Flight Missions and recently planned and lead an Adventure Mission to show us Indonesia.  Ashley attended Basic Flight School and re-earned her license featuring her now updated look.


#TheAviators brothers Lucky and Bluey had received their license previously.  Having added sisfur Honey to their family and Twitter address @LUCKYBLUEYHONEY, they all came to Basic Flight School to re-certify and have that license that includes them all.


WYNTERS @WOtterface is a beautiful girl Terrier dog named after a famous airborne man person, Major Richard Winters.


ALFRED THE GREAT @ATGBear born in 1915,  a World War I mascot bear has seen many things in his 99 years. Alfred is also a very rare bear! Spry, keen and canny, we are positive Alfred has many #TheAviators Flight Missions forthcoming.


Barney and Cooper @barney_cooper are both Tibetan breed dogs.  They are also members of #ZombieSquad on Twitter.  #TheAviators have been particularly blessed with flyers who also belong to the #ZombieSquad group.  They often use their flight machines (airplanes, helicopters) to patrol in their quest to keep the world safe from Zombies.


BARNIE @BarnieShihTzu is a member of the #ZombieSquad group on Twitter as well as #TheAviators.  Barnie has a variety of interests and we see he has just launched the hash tag #TeamUnderdog with a website to go along with it.


BO THE BEAR @BoTheBear may be a small-sized bear, however Bo has big brain power with full-time employment.  Bo is the tech, self-described “Twitter geek” for Kirby Bears @kirby_bears who specialize in making handcrafted bears.


SUNNY @cagans76 is a Husky and has a Husky fursib named Juneau. When Sunny is not flying #TheAviators,  the  Huskies love Jeep riding and camping!


Dogs FINN and POEBEARDIE @dgbu come from both cats and dogs loving home where all live together with their humans.  They certainly enjoy making new friends and having some good tweet conversation on Twitter.


PHOEBE @dog_phoebe is also a member of the #ZombieSquad group on Twitter as well as #TheAviators.  Frankly, we are astonished how many things we have in common with Phoebe.  Phoebe likes car rides, food and NOT getting wet!  We are in complete harmony on all those topics Phoebe!


FINN @FinnDogSays has had one huge and vibrant week and the week isn’t over quite yet.  May 3 – Finn got his Basic Flight School License.  May 4 – Poochie siblings reunion coming up to the first anniversary of being rescued.  May 10 – Happy Birthday Finn, ONE year old!


GOLDIE @GoldieBruin describes herself as “a little bear enjoying life on the go”  She certainly is that, she flies and is a self-starter. Goldie made sure to successfully self-study for her license  in April and then made sure to come to May’s flight school.  It’s a good thing when our new #TheAviators pals have such sweetness and great tenacity to achieve.


We never tire of saying that JENSON and ZAPPER @maxmaster31 are the only known Degus who fly #TheAviators (to this date).  We shall make it easy on you by answering the question, “What is a Degu?”    Be sure you Twitter stop by and give your Degu pals Jenson and Zapper  a happy tweet greeting.


OLIVIA @oliviackcs is a delight! Olivia has a keen interest in mechanical engineering, in part influenced by a”hudad” (human dad). OLIVIA  as does @BonniedaWestie and numerous aviators over time continues to perfect and fit their planes out with ABD and ASD (Automated Bacon Dispenser, Automated Sausage Dispenser).  We are clueless to what may happen as far as political correctness and official decorum when pig or pigs fly. That is to say when a pig becomes an official #TheAviators member.  We’ll have to hope that all parties may be able to work it out.  Right now, many flyers are enjoying the boon of bacon in the sky during many flights. Olivia has a co-pilot in Benedict the Kirby Rabbit.


ROSIE @Rosiebear90 is another lovely bear.  We greatly admire her sweater collection.  We and our own human have much in common with Rosie. Flowers, flower beds and flower gardens and a love of cakes.  Rosie is wise to stay in shape  with the weekly #keepfits exercise program on Twitter.


LISA @StuffMyPetsSay is involved in a huge variety of Twitter organizations and activities throughout the greater anipal community on Twitter.  Lisa provided us with all that information. It is located in #TheAviators Resources Page (just scroll down the page to find Lisa):  


GABBY @The_Gabby_Dog  (and “humom”) are pet columnists. They recently wrote about #TheAviators.  We are delighted to bring you a reprint with permission here at the club blog:  What @The_Gabby_Dog Said About #TheAviators.   We are very happy that Gabby made it to Basic Flight School.


BERTIE @TheBertieBear is an international traveling bear that lives between Dubai and Malibu. We are so pleased that Bertie comes and flies whenever possible and came to Basic Flight School.


MISS TTT @tiredteacherted is a “quiet one”.  We think she is a pretty sharp dresser and an avid reader!  One of those beary good opportunities to get to know a new friend and pal a little more. We are thrilled Miss TTT earned her #TheAviators license!


We were able to compile  and save some of #TheAviators history of Basic Flight School  Graduates:

#TheAviators Graduates FEB MAR APRIL 2014  

#TheAviators Graduates NOV, DEC 2013  

#TheAviators Graduates AUG 2013  

Your club leadership team (@ToddyFur, @clingycat, @3DogsWhite) thanks you for attending Basic Flight School and earning your #TheAviators license.

Happy flying with #TheAviators from your pals,

– Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

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  1. Wow! Thanks for such a nice write up!! It was nice of you to mention my brofur. We already has met such wonderful pals with #TheAviators we look forward to more adventures!!
    So fun to read about all of my new pals Yay guys & gals we did it!!!

  2. Wow well done all now you can look forward to pawsome times up in the wide blue yonder. As always thanks to wonderful Toddy fur and the aviators leadership team simply the best

  3. Every month we seem to have more and more wonderful Aviators joining the group. Daddy and I applaud you all and appreciate the wonderful write-up.

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