#TheAviators Graduates NOV, DEC 2013

We are proud of you #TheAviators!

Basic Flight School Graduates licenses we were able to gather up for November and December of 2013 are posted here.

A few of our #TheAviators did  “Self Study”.  We will explain what that is at the closing of this blog post along with a brief explanation about information gathering.


JIM @SallyjainW  (Self Study)

@SallyjainW Jim


MISS REINE @Reine1Reine ( Self Study)

Beloved Reine went OTRB on January 6. The Aviators are pleased to announce that Reine will continue to fly.)

@Reine1Reine Nov 17

MISS LUCKY @lucky_GSD  (Self Study)

@lucky_GSD Miss Lucky

JACK @thedailylama1 (Self Study)

@thedailylama1 Jack

MICKEE G @33mcguinness

@33mcguinness Mickee G

ACE @AceTengfei


HARVEY @BunnersandHarvs

@BunnersandHarvs Harvey

MIKEY @caseymarie7 (@MikeyTzu is his back-up account)

@caseymarie7 @MikeyTzu


@CedarWych Kinglsley and crew

CHALKY and CUDDLES @chalkybear13


KYE @chelleloulou

@chelleloulou Kye

CLAPTON @ClaptonTerrier


WILLY @cybercat919

@cybercat919 Willy

LOULOU @Divaloulou


FREDDIE and BRIAN @FreddieandBrian


GORDON @Jayney54

@Jayney54 Gordon

LORD PERCY @LordPercySays


MERRYCK @MerryckDog


MARIAN @MHumphryes

@MHumphryes Marian

MIRANDA @Miranda_Kitten


BERTIE @MrBerster

@MrBerster Bertie

NERO @NeroDawgsta


BARLEY @oneinthere

@oneinthere Barley



ANNIE and ROXIE @radianttabby

@radianttabby Annie and Roxie

WILLOW @RutterJulie

@RutterJulie Willow

SAMMY @SammydaBulldog


BARNEY @scampi1945


SHAYNA @ShaynaCat


SIMON @simonsterpug


SPENCER @SpencerTeddy


THOMAS @ThomasATerrier


Leadership team overwhelming recommends individual  #TheAviators to come to Basic Flight School and earn their license.  The group fun, camaraderie and yes, even chaos of learning aviation terms and Twitter flying is without compare.

SELF STUDY – So what does “Self Study” mean?  On occasion(s) some of #TheAviators are not able to attend the two sessions of Basic Flight School on the quarterly scheduled date and they want #TheAviators Twitter flying license.  #TheAviators has provided a way to self-study.  Here is the club blog post:


INFORMATION GATHERING –  Taz and myself know we are short of information and/or if a license picture was issued  (did they graduate?) for several names.

Twitter is an immediate medium.  It is difficult to chase down past information.  We are in touch with @ToddyFur  and will update this post as necessary.

SPEAKING OF TODDY – We are so thankful #TheAviators has both a website and this blog – thanks to @ToddyFur – we may now begin to preserve some still available #TheAviators history.

On behalf of The Aviators Club (@theaviatorsclub), your current leadership team – @ToddyFur, @clingycat and us @3DogsWhite  – congratulations and we thank each of you who earned your Aviator License.

-Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

7 thoughts on “#TheAviators Graduates NOV, DEC 2013”

  1. Fantastic job well done The Aviators, Toddy Furrington, Kaye,3 Dogs White , Clingy Cat our team leaders mine was Ms Molly Yoder who calmed nerves so thanks to you all

  2. I think this blog shows the hard work that Toddy & 3Dogs has put into The Aviators. Things do not magically happen. Thank you for all you do. Annie & Roxie appreciate it.♡♡♡

  3. Really enjoyed seeing all the anipals in Annie & Roxie’s class. They remember the help they got when it was needed. Thanks to all the class.

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